Author: Chris Gonsalves

25 Ways to Cut IT Costs

Gartner analysts say IT executives are frittering away as much as 25 percent of their budgets on unnecessary and redundant customization, and IT departments need

Disruptive Forces

It’s been 10 years since Clayton Christensen took a hard look at the innovation that separates business winners and losers, coining a new term in

Disruptive Forces: Craigslist

Craigslist Location: San Francisco CEO: Jim Buckmaster Revenues: $50 million (est.) What they do: With its signature Spartan interface, Craigslist serves up local classifieds and

Disruptive Forces: Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Location: Santa Clara, Calif. CEO: Jonathan Schwartz Revenues: $13.9 billion What they do: The company that created Java and SPARC once claimed to

Disruptive Forces: Netflix

Netflix Location: Los Gatos, Calif. CEO: Reed Hastings Revenues: $1.2 billion What they do: For $5 a month, Netflix gives more than 8 million subscribers