Ten Things You Need to Know About Big Data

Ten Things You Need to Know About Big Data

Ten Things You Need to Know About Big Data

Big Data Plunge  42% of companies have invested in big data technology or plan to do so within the year.

Is big data as mission-critical as media reports would lead us to believe—or is there a lot of hype involved? Recent research from Gartner provides some surprising answers. So let's cut to the chase: Yes, there may be some media-generated sizzle along with the steak on this topic, but you can't ignore the wealth of current and emerging innovations that will help your company more effectively capture and analyze big data and then take advantage of your findings to increase your competitive edge. "IT and business leaders worry that they are behind their competitors in launching their big data initiatives," says Frank Buytendijk, research vice president at Gartner. "Not to worry. Ideas and opportunities at this time are boundless, and some of the biggest big data ideas come from adopting and adapting ideas from other industries. Still, this makes it challenging to cut through the hype when evaluating big data technologies, approaches and project alternatives." The following 10 findings and takeaways are compiled from a number of Gartner reports based on research involving an estimated 800 IT and business leader participants.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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