Month: May 2011

Hard Questions for Google Wallet

Following the spectacular failure of the over-hyped Google Wave, executives for the search engine are painfully aware that just because they build a technology they

Windows Mango Aims At Android, iPhone

Will Microsoft?s upcoming software update for its Windows Phones, code-named ?Mango,? affect the company?s smartphone prospects? Certainly Mango represents a substantial revamp of Microsoft?s mobile

Social Networks For Social Change

Positive social changes in today’s post-industrial knowledge economy often are driven by a combination of the power of technology with the power of mass human

Android Advances Over iOS in Ad War

Smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system racked up 53 percent ad impression share, shaving share from Apple’s iOS, according to ad platform Millennial Media.

Top IT Groups Leave Rivals In Dust

High-performing IT organizations are pulling away from their competitors. That?s the takeaway from Mind the Gap: Insights from Accenture?s Third Global IT Performance research study,

Analytics Power Smaller Businesses

How can your company make better decisions, forge stronger customer relationships, and differentiate from competitors? In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the answer lies in the

Five Steps To Agile Infrastructure

A more agile IT infrastructure ? one enabled by cloud computing and new outsourcing models ? promises to drive new business value, reduce costs and