Month: August 2010

Baseline Issue July/August 2010

COVER STORY The Power of Green Green IT is going mainstream as an increasing number of organizations realize the substantial benefits this technology offers. These

Systemic Risk Poses Big Threats

To find and manage the most destructive business risks, leaders must build a culture of risk management that is vigilant in its pursuit, innovative and

IT Fuels Top Line Growth

A U.S.-based bank seeks a better way to predict customer behavior. An international bank looks to an IT solution to help manage its mergers and

Cost-Cutting Spurs Innovation

Tight budgets at FCI did not mean an end to new ideas. The French company used continued cost constraints during the last decade to spur

The Cyber-Warrior Decade

Make no mistake about it: We are under attack?you, me, Google and scores of other companies, and even the U.S. government. Cyber-criminals are attempting to

Measuring the Value of Consultants

When managers hire consultants to help them improve their business, they often don?t identify exactly what they hope to achieve and then evaluate whether they

How IT Pros Get Promoted

In this competitive economy, professionals looking to get ahead need to have a well-rounded skill set. Technical knowledge in their area of expertise gets them

Dashboard View Improves Security

As a high-profile, Washington-based think tank, the Center for American Progress takes strong positions on hot-button topics, such as health care reform, the Middle East

Managing Generational Diversity

Creating and maintaining a high-performing staff is at the core of nearly every business strategy. With the four distinct generations in today?s workforce having different