Month: December 2009

2,500 CIOs Speak Out

Wanted: CIOs to manage today?s corporate enterprises. Skills needed include a vast command of all developing IT trends, from virtualization to convergence to Web 2.0.

Out of Scope December 2009

They Have Some Ex-Splean?ing to Do It?s called WebSPlean?pronounced web-spleen?and it?s the latest in video spokesperson (VS) technology. According to a company release, VS tech

The Evolution of Organizational Process

Despite a multidecade focus, business-technology processes in many companies are unmanaged, invisible and unmeasured. Consequently, they are executed haphazardly and inconsistently. This results in delays,

Manufacturers Make the Most of Technology

Manufacturing companies face daunting challenges: managing inventory across an increasingly complex global supply chain; dealing with wildly varying demands for products; tracking the location of

Make E-mail Encryption Effortless

E-mail encryption certainly isn’t new, but as more companies come under fire for leaking customer identities or privileged information, encryption is increasingly essential for doing