Month: July 2009

Slimming Down with Thin Clients

Everyone?s looking for ways to cut costs in a challenging economy. Communications services provider Embarq Corp. is trying to accomplish this by slimming down ?

Baseline Issue June 2009

COVER STORY The Future of FlightAs Los Angeles World Airports renovates both its facilities and its technology, CIO Dominic Nessi works on 30 major capital

Getting the Message

How many times have you read articles in which business managers are quoted as saying that technology managers just don?t understand the business? That may

Making Good IT Investments

Banks and other financial firms are looking for ways to increase efficiencies, cut costs and boost revenue. Three of the hottest technologies in the sector—server

Intelligent Infrastructure

Transplace is a non-asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider that offers manufacturers and retailers logistics technology and transportation management services. From logistics management outsourcing to intelligent

Eight Great Geek Vacations

Any self-respecting geek knows a good summer getaway isn’t built around Disneyland or the Grand Canyon or Hawaii, places where the normal, non-techie throngs gather.