Month: May 2009

Out of Scope May 2009

The Writing?s on the Wall Perhaps one of the reasons you read a print publication such as Baseline is that it provides a few minutes?

Strategy Execution for Risk Management

No investments can be effective in the long term without consideration of risk. The consequences of not doing adequate business continuity planning can be potentially

USEC Puts Energy Into Virtualization

During the last few years, a growing number of IT executives have found themselves scrambling to deal with skyrocketing data growth rates and overburdened data

How to Build Private Clouds

One of the biggest strategic challenges facing IT organizations today is remaining competitive in a world full of cloud services that essentially outsource the IT

8 Ways Technology Has Changed Sports

Big data, analytics, mobility, e-commerce, social media, wearable technology and the cloud have all had an enormous impact on the sports we watch and play.