Month: September 2008

Why Application Renewal?

Application renewal is IT?s ugly ducking. After all, it?s counterintuitive to the mindset of an industry that has been replete with new products and upgrades.

The Good Old Days?

I started writing for technology publications before IBM introduced its PC. So I remember, as I?m sure many of you do, the days when most

Verizon: They Can Hear Customers Now

Once made up of multiple businesses—each with its own corporate structure, personnel and legacy systems—Verizon Communications now offers a united front to its customers and

Pitney Bowes: Stamp of Approval

When it comes to innovation and cooperation, Pitney Bowes set the bar early. Arthur Pitney patented his first postage-stamping machine in 1902, and Walter Bowes

Managing the Fleet

The enterprise printer market is anything but organized, even though printers represent a large capital and operating cost for IT organizations. Printers are purchased in

NetApp: Young Company, Mature IT

Today, NetApp boasts sales of more than $3 billion, with approximately 8,000 employees in about a hundred locations in 46 countries. The IT organization, which