Month: March 2008

10 Travel Safety Tips

As we snap out of the winter doldrums and begin to travel more, it?s time to think carefully about what happens when we?re on the

Turning Ideas Into Action

Using business technology to accelerate operational performance requires informed decision-making to determine which technologies best support an organization?s strategic position. Enterprises often find that making

Web Services` Disruptive Power

If you haven?t read Nicholas Carr?s latest book, The Big Switch, it?s worth cracking the spine. The author of the infamous 2003 essay ?IT Doesn?t

Disruptive Forces

It’s been 10 years since Clayton Christensen took a hard look at the innovation that separates business winners and losers, coining a new term in

Slicing Through IT Costs

CARY WESTMARK, vice president of technology at Troon Golf, the management company of some of the largest and best golf courses around the world, has

10 Tips for Preparing Wireless RFPs

Wireless networks have come of age. With the advent of the latest 802.11n class of products, wireless devices now boast the same throughput and performance

Symantec`s Midnight at the Oasis

Ordering Symantec software is a breeze for Stephen Nacci, director of vendor relations at TLIC Worldwide, a software reseller in Rhode Island. Processing product and