Month: March 2004

Cigital: Bug Zappers, A Dossier

Cigital chief executive officer Jeffery Payne likes to deliver good news to his customers first, when possible: that their systems are 100% secure. But, sometimes,

Microsoft’s Tipping Point

As hackers continue to take shots at Microsoft business software, you’d think companies would analyze what it would cost to move other operating systems, such

Tough Sell

What did Jeff Cohen do when he learned his company was planning to have its technology department report to sales and marketing? He left. Cohen,

Code of Honor

It’s time for a change or two. Or six. Fundamental problems with the way organizations develop software go, if not ignored, largely unaddressed for far

Eight Fatal Software-Related Accidents

Date Deaths Detail 2003 3 Software failure contributes to power outage across the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. 2001 5 Panamanian cancer patients die following overdoses

Software Quality: By The Numbers

There can be as many as 20 to 30 bugs per 1,000 lines of software code. —Sustainable Computing Consortium There are no methods of removing

‘We Did Nothing Wrong’

Victor Garcia considers himself lucky to be alive. Three years ago, a combination of cancer and miscalculation almost killed him. The former distribution manager for

Primary Concerns

The early returns are in and no voter fraud has been discovered in the wake of Maryland’s first statewide use of touch-screen electronic voting machines,