Month: June 2002

Chat for Better Service—But Not Savings

Chat is no longer just for teen-agers and insomniacs. About 17% of corporate Web sites now provide real-time, text-based communication with customer service representatives (CSRs),

By The Numbers: June 2002

Disappearing Tech Jobs A Pretty Penny for Processors Planning for Enterprise Application Projects The Role of Escalation Managers Employees and Security Awareness For a detailed

Native XML Databases Primer

What are they? Databases that store and manage eXtensible Markup Language (XML) documents. The industry hasn’t yet agreed on the specifics, however. Some store a

Leaving Room for Data to Arrive

Four years ago, Jim Wicker had a computing mess on his hands. An acquisition binge by his company, Dynamex—a Dallas-based provider of same-day delivery services—had

U.S. Steel Tries Tech Alchemy

U.S. Steel Base CaseHeadquarters: 600 Grant St., Pittsburgh, PA. 15219Phone: (412) 433-1121Business: Integrated steel manufacturerFinancials: $6.38 billion total revenue; $218 million net loss (fiscal 2001)CIO: