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Creating a Digitally Driven Customer Experience

While top marketing executives said their organization is making strides in collecting and processing customer-related data, they admit that they have a long way to go in developing the kind of digitally driven ...Read More

Why Cyber-Security Strategies Are Falling Short

While organizations around the world are more confident than ever that they can predict and detect cyber-attacks, they're still falling short on investments and plans geared toward recovering from a breach....Read More

Many IT Pros Ask for Linux and Cloud Training

A significant share of technology professionals said they encounter barriers in getting necessary, regular training on Linux and cloud systems, according to a recent survey from the Linux Academy. Very few rep...Read More

A New Year's Resolution for 2017: Get a New Job

Many working professionals have put "find a new job" at the top of their New Year's resolutions list for 2017, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Findings reveal that younger employees are more l...Read More

Hope or Hype? What IT Thinks About Emerging Tech

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), the internet of things (IoT) and 3D printers. But which of these technologies have emerged as the bi...Read More

The Challenge of Effectively Managing Legacy Tapes

A significant segment of global IT administrators said their organization pays tens of thousands of dollars a year to keep and maintain legacy data tapes, according to a recent survey from Kroll Ontrack. ...Read More

Why IT Professionals Are Feeling Less Confident

Tech professionals are heading into 2017 with a lackluster confidence in IT operations, according to a recent survey from Intermedia. The resulting "2016 IT Confidence Index" report indicates that over...Read More

Agility & DevOps Are Key to Digital Transformation

The majority of organizations are expected to increase their adoption of agile frameworks within the next two years, according to a recent survey from Unisys. The resulting report, "Overcoming Enterpr...Read More

The Best Tech Company Employers

When it comes to technology companies, what makes a particular firm a great place to work? For starters, you would have access to some of the best tech tools anywhere. You'd also thrive on compelling challenges that bring o...Read More

What's Holding Up the Adoption of Containers?

In an era of growing IT complexity, the concept of software containers seems like a no-brainer: Partition your applications into virtual containers that tap the same operating system, and you gain agility, effic...Read More

How Four Generations View Tech and Work

There's a lot of talk about generational differences on the job. That's not surprising, as there are three generations currently in the workplace, and a fourth that's just starting to work. However, when asked ...Read More

Cyber-Attackers Target IP Assets

The state of cyber-security has gone from bad to worse over the past couple of years. Not only are threats increasing in both frequency and intensity, they're also becoming more dangerous and costly. A recent study conduc...Read More

Cloud Services Elevate the Profile of DevOps

The widespread adoption of enterprise cloud services represents a double-edged sword: While this new generation of cloud platforms and solutions brings with it a wide range of business value, it also in...Read More

Managing Personal & Work Identities in the Office

The use of personal devices and personal accounts in the workplace has changed IT and enterprise security in profound ways. Today, employees think nothing of logging onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whi...Read More

Why Producing Presentations Is Still Painful

Technology continues to advance at a breathtaking pace … except when it comes to the traditional business presentation. Most professionals still depend on PowerPoint for these sessions, according to a re...Read More
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