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  • Payment processing company Vantiv builds an integrated data source to gain strategic business insights, including a consolidated view of sales and results.

  • Join a panel of industry experts for a wide-ranging and in-depth discussion of Business Rules Management Software (BRMS) on May 20.

  • The development of software now extends into every conceivable industry sector. And, more than ever, organizations seek to embed analytics and business intelligence capabilities into their applications, according to a recent survey from Logi Analytics. The self-service analytics company's third annual "State of Embedded Analytics" report indicates that most of the companies surveyed will invest in the expansion and improvement of embedded analytics over the next year, as users' interest in this technology is expected to grow considerably. Targeted outcomes include improved customer satisfaction, end-user adoption and competitive differentiation. "All modern software applications today must deliver insights and analytics at the core," says Alvin Wong, manager of product marketing for Logi Analytics. "We see the use of data transforming all products and services. Not only are all companies becoming software companies, all software applications are becoming analytic applications. As more companies adopt this point of view, we anticipate more compelling and intuitive business applications [being developed], and more users will be able to make smarter business decisions." More than 500 business and technology professionals took part in the research.