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  • A clear majority of global organizations are either already implementing DevOps to produce applications or are planning to do so, according to a recent survey from Rackspace and Vanson Bourne. The accompanying report, titled "DevOps Adoption," reveals that teams using DevOps are increasing new-feature delivery, business efficiencies, app uptime, customer satisfaction and innovation. That helps create a more agile organization that can respond more swiftly to business and technology changes. "The momentum behind DevOps is driven by a perfect storm for disruption based on Internet business and collaboration technologies, open-source software and cloud computing," Chris Jackson, CTO of DevOps services for Rackspace, wrote in the report. "These technology shifts have placed new pressures on existing IT models and created opportunities for businesses to get value to customers faster, diversify the number of services they offer and use data more proactively to serve the business better." An estimated 700 IT decision-makers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia took part in the research.

  • Microsoft recently announced that it has released a mobile version of Office that allows editing and links to external cloud services at no additional cost.

  • A significant share of IT leaders liken today's "application economy" to a disruptive force of nature, according to a recent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne for CA Technologies. The accompanying report, "How to Survive and Thrive in the Application Economy," demonstrates how customer demand and competitive considerations are pressuring IT organizations to generate more apps, faster than ever. The majority of survey respondents said that they have either purchased or will acquire new software to increase their app-delivery capabilities, as these investments are now considered a "must have" to keep up with business-based expectations. "There is clear evidence that enterprises of all sizes, in all markets, have to embrace the application economy, and place software development and delivery at the center of their business strategy," says John Michelsen, CTO at CA Technologies. "Business success is tied to application performance, and the ability of a business to drive growth is no longer just about the products or services they deliver, but increasingly about a complete software-driven experience." The report divides organizations into "leaders" and "laggards" to represent differences in their responses to the app economy, noting that the former group is growing revenue at more than twice the rate of the latter. A total of 1,450 global senior IT leaders took part in the research.