IT Pros Struggle with Performance Management

IT Pros Struggle with Performance Management

IT Pros Struggle with Performance Management

Focus Area 84% of IT pros want to "significantly" improve their tech performance management.

When a crisis alert sounds in IT operations, is your organization in the dark as to what's happening? This is apparently a common scenario. In fact, the vast majority of technology professionals admit that their oversight of tech performance must dramatically improve, according to recent survey research from Evolven. When they deploy a new technology initiative, most IT professionals confess that they really can't determine the accuracy of the effort, even though that is a key factor in determining success or failure. And if an issue does emerge—a breach, a systems malfunction or a complete network shutdown, for example—it's disturbing to realize that the majority of these IT pros say they most likely won't get to the root cause. More than 300 IT operations employees took part in the research, which was conducted at the Gartner Data Center Summit late last year and the ServiceNow Knowledge 13 this past May. As for answers to these pressing issues, Evolven offers three of the following best practices for IT departments to consider. Evolven is an IT operations analytics company.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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