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Navigating Successfully in an App-Centric World

4 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

As mobility has moved into the center of the enterprise, business and IT leaders have been forced to shift their focus to an app-centric environment. This means creating new apps, updating existing... Read More



  • Is Software Licensing at a Breaking Point?
    It's no secret that software licensing has become a giant thorn in the side of both IT departments and the business in general. Not only is today's licensing environment incredibly complex and becoming tougher, it's also undergoing radical change....
  • DevOps Adoption Grows, but Results Fall Short
    Digital transformation requires organizations and their IT departments to behave very differently, adopting new and unfamiliar methods for speeding software development and other essential tasks. DevOps—which first hit radar screens around...
  • Why Companies Pay Plenty for Software Waste
    Businesses worldwide are losing billions of dollars due to an excessive amount of software waste within the enterprise, according to recent research from 1E. The resulting report, "The Real Cost of Unused Software," states that the problem drives up...
  • Benefits Company Puts DevOps to the 'TASC'
    The Total Administration Service Corporation, a benefits administration firm, embraces DevOps to speed development, redefine IT and achieve competitive gains.
  • How App Complexity Hurts Employee Performance
    A significant number of employees complain that enterprise apps are too complex to use, and the majority of IT decision-makers agree, according to a recent survey from Capriza. The accompanying report, "Complexity: Enemy #1 in Today's Enterprise,"...
  • How IT Is Accelerating Software Development
    With the rapid pace of technology and business changes, the demand for speedy software development is surging, according to recently released research from Skytap. The accompanying report, the "2015 Software Development Survey," reveals that IT...
  • Blood Center Banks on Data Integration Software
    The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas implemented a data workflow management solution in order to streamline and automate its processes and workflows.
  • Contexte Enhances Its CRM System's User Experience
    A French media company improves its customer relationship management application in order to build a better user experience and boost its staff's productivity.
  • Walmart Embraces Microservices to Get More Agile
    The retailer is using open-source technologies to build applications using thousands of microservices that can be dynamically invoked using well-defined APIs.
  • Aging Systems Impair Contact Center Performance
    A significant number of companies are hanging on to aging desktop systems in their contact centers, at the cost of the customer experience and other business drivers, according to an August 2015 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting...

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