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How App Complexity Hurts Employee Performance

4 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

A significant number of employees complain that enterprise apps are too complex to use, and the majority of IT decision-makers agree, according to a recent survey from Capriza. The accompanying... Read More



  • Walmart Embraces Microservices to Get More Agile
    The retailer is using open-source technologies to build applications using thousands of microservices that can be dynamically invoked using well-defined APIs.
  • Aging Systems Impair Contact Center Performance
    A significant number of companies are hanging on to aging desktop systems in their contact centers, at the cost of the customer experience and other business drivers, according to an August 2015 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting...
  • Why Companies Suffer From Information Gridlock
    Only a small minority of companies are making enough use of automated and collaborative tools to be considered champions of information mobility, according to a recent survey from Ricoh. The resulting report, which addresses information gridlock,...
  • IT Focuses on Application Performance Management
    Enterprise success increasingly revolves around applications. They are the hub where data, software code and connected technologies meet—and where business value is generated. But today's IT environments require a highly elastic and adaptable...
  • 10 Apps That Help You Manage Your Time Effectively
    To deal with the ever-growing number of technology and business demands piling up on their plates, professionals and managers must constantly find better ways to use their time effectively. However, there are a host of workplace distractions to...
  • How the App Economy Is Changing Business
    The majority of organizations envision themselves transitioning to a software-driven enterprise model—thus creating what's called an "app economy"—in the near future, according to a recent survey conducted by Oxford Economics for CA...
  • Barriers to Windows 10 Will Delay Some Deployments
    When it comes to Windows 10, anticipation abounds: Microsoft reports that this version of its operating system will directly align with today's cloud- and mobile-driven world. Plus, it will be Internet of things (IoT) friendly, while accommodating...
  • MapQuest Gets Direction From Better API Management
    One of the world's leading mapping services for businesses and consumers takes a direct route to better API management of a vast array of third-party services.
  • Why IT Is Bringing App Development In-House
    A majority of organizations are currently deploying internally developed mobile applications, which is a major shift from last year, when only a minority of companies did that, according to a recent survey from Apperian. The resulting "2015...
  • Integrated Sales Data Provides Business Insights
    Payment processing company Vantiv builds an integrated data source to gain strategic business insights, including a consolidated view of sales and results.

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