Why the Public Cloud Is Driving IT Pros Crazy

Why the Public Cloud Is Driving IT Pros Crazy

Why the Public Cloud Is Driving IT Pros Crazy

Bad Karma 52% of tech professionals say cloud sprawl negatively affects IT.

IT professionals are getting anxious about cloud sprawl, according to a recent survey from PMG. So what exactly is that? PMG defines cloud sprawl as "a situation created by the rapidly increasing use of public cloud services and applications, such as file-sharing services, by employees or business units within a company, often without permission from the IT department." Such practices are leading to concerns about security, compliance and other operations-impacting areas, and technology professionals and managers say they're now willing to pull the plug on various unauthorized activities once they discover them. That said, the IT department is happy to work with users to come up with sound alternatives—especially if they involve hybrid-cloud models. "IT is not going to paint all public cloud solutions as bad," says Joe LeCompte, a principal at PMG. "Containing cloud sprawl to protect corporate information and ensure security can be done by providing cloud services in a structured manner with a proper governance framework." Oh, and as a just-for-fun factoid, PMG also asked IT pros which fictional TV character best represents them. But we'll save that revelation for the end. More than 230 technology employees took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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