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Mid-Market Firms Use Tech to Be More Competitive

6 days ago | by Guest Author

A majority of middle-market companies will spend up to 10 percent of their budget on technology, including product and service innovation and core technologies. Read More



  • Many IT Pros Ask for Linux and Cloud Training
    A significant share of technology professionals said they encounter barriers in getting necessary, regular training on Linux and cloud systems, according to a recent survey from the Linux Academy. Very few reported that their IT department has such...
  • Cloud, Analytics and Sensors Support Organic Farm
    High-tech sensors, a mobile app and cloud-based analytics give an Ohio family farm the tools it needs to manage irrigation and maximize output.
  • Agility & DevOps Are Key to Digital Transformation
    The majority of organizations are expected to increase their adoption of agile frameworks within the next two years, according to a recent survey from Unisys. The resulting report, "Overcoming Enterprise Agility Challenges in Digital...
  • Cloud Services Elevate the Profile of DevOps
    The widespread adoption of enterprise cloud services represents a double-edged sword: While this new generation of cloud platforms and solutions brings with it a wide range of business value, it also introduces significant complexity. This reality...
  • Hotline Uses CRM App to Fight Domestic Violence
    The National Domestic Violence Hotline relies on a cloud-based customer service app to help a growing number of victims of abusive relationships.
  • The Cloud Evolves and Joins the Mainstream
    Only a few years ago, most business and IT leaders viewed the cloud with some trepidation. Although many had begun to use cloud services and solutions, they still had questions about everything from viability to security. But that was then, and this...
  • Is Enterprise Security Lost in the Cloud?
    The debate about whether to migrate to the cloud is largely over—and the cloud won. Yet, as adoption rates grow and IT systems become more interconnected with cloud architectures, the challenge of locking down security is growing. Overall,...
  • DevOps Drives the Move to a Cloud-First World
    Fulfilling predictions made 20 years ago, cloud computing has reached the tipping point, with the majority of enterprises now opting for a cloud-first strategy. Just over half of the 1,850 mid- to senior-level managers participating in "The 2016...
  • Cloud Data Protection Strategies Come Up Short
    Enterprises are flocking to the cloud for the efficiency, cost savings, flexibility and scalability this technology offers. In fact, 40 percent of applications, on average, are deployed in the cloud, and that is expected to grow by an additional 30...
  • The Cloud Matches the Needs of 'Be the Match'
    The bone marrow transplant-match foundation adopted the cloud and cut its IT administration costs and created an integrated business and fundraising framework.

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