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Meeting the Challenges of Bimodal IT

5 days ago | by Guest Author

It's time to embrace the dual mode of IT and navigate that complicated landscape so that sooner, rather than later, you'll realize the benefits that lie ahead. Read More



  • WayBlazer's Journey Leads to Cognitive Computing
    The supplier of travel data and services turns to IBM's Watson to make it simple for businesses and consumers to book an entire trip at one location online.
  • Sierra Group Builds on Success in the Cloud
    The construction firm's cloud-based infrastructure provides cost savings, better security, quicker provisioning, easier configuration and improved performance.
  • NOAA Weathers a Data Transformation
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration looks to better leverage the power of big data for the more than 20 terabytes of data it gathers every day.
  • How to Build a Foundation for a Digital Business
    Digital business requires more than new tools and technologies. It's essential to build an IT infrastructure and framework that supports real-time interaction.
  • What Companies Want From Cloud-Based BI Tools
    Business and IT managers anticipate making greater investments in cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tools, according to recent survey research from Dresner Advisory Services. The accompanying "2015 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence...
  • Internal Clouds Win Out Over Public Clouds
    Organizations are increasingly turning to an internal, or private, cloud to run their data center operations, while de-emphasizing their use of public clouds, according to a recent survey from the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). The accompanying...
  • Taking a Clear View of Cloud Risks
    Over the last few years, cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of the enterprise,  emerging as a valuable tool for managing IT systems, software and data. Yet, while the technology solves many security problems, it also introduces new...
  • What's Holding Back Cloud Adoption?
    Many company executives would make more use of cloud computing if it were easier to adopt this technology. Recent research from CDW indicates that IT decision-makers are put off by migration and integration challenges, and are relying on financial...
  • Credit Bureau Makes the Cloud Its Business
    The Caribbean Credit Bureau,  a leading provider of credit services in the Caribbean region, turns to a cloud solution to ring up business and IT gains.
  • Is Shadow IT Holding Back Cloud Adoption?
    It's hard to secure what you don't know is there. A recent survey from the Cloud Security Alliance indicates that while organizations are clearly concerned about the security of data residing in cloud services, they also have surprisingly little...

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