Alibaba Aims to Boost Hong Kong Talent with Cloud Computing Course

Alibaba Aims to Boost Hong Kong Talent with Cloud Computing Course

Alibaba Cloud is a part of the Alibaba Group. Its focus lies in aiding businesses to enhance their marketing, sales, and operations. Alibaba Group, based in Hangzhou, China, has been working on providing solutions to streamline global business operations for several years.

Alibaba Cloud Announces A Deal With HKU Business School

The unit that deals with digital technology and cloud services is Alibaba Cloud. This unit is under the Alibaba Group Holding. It has teamed up with the business school of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to offer a cloud computing course. This course aims to help develop local talent. This move clearly indicates that the company is strengthening its relationship with Hong Kong.

The course is titled “Cloud Computing: Essential and Application in Entrepreneurship.” It specifically targets undergraduate students and aims to explore the utilization of cloud technology in business ventures.

This is the first time HKU Business School has partnered with an enterprise partner to design and teach a credit course.

This partnership will help students gain hands-on experience in the practical uses of cloud technology. The course has been designed to equip them with technological resources and industry knowledge through practical situations. The partnership highlights Alibaba Cloud’s dedication to promoting the growth of digital talent in Hong Kong.

Alibaba’s Unique Partnership

The course will provide students with a hands-on learning experience by simulating real-world situations that involve cloud technology. Also, students will have access to technological tools and industry knowledge to improve their understanding of the subject. The partnership underlines Alibaba Cloud’s guarantee to empower digital talent development in Hong Kong.

As part of the memorandum between Alibaba Cloud and HKU Business School, students can enjoy multiple benefits, such as

  • Free registration for the Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate – Cloud Computing exam
  • Access to 300-plus online courses in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. Access will be held through the Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program (AAEP)
  • Availability of resources that enable teachers and students to have practical exposure to the workings of cloud computing.

The MoU aims to develop and nurture future talent and leaders through this collaborative effort. They will provide students with diverse and exciting learning opportunities. This program will also allow students to learn from experienced and skilled professionals in the industry. They can keep pace with the latest trends and developments. Additionally, they can gain practical skills to prepare themselves for the real world.

The Course Details

The course “Cloud Computing: Essential and Application in Entrepreneurship” will also have a course credit of six. It is scheduled to begin in September 2023. It is expected that 40 to 50 undergraduate students from HKU Business School and other faculties will enroll in the course each semester.

Also, the course will incorporate Alibaba Cloud Academy’s resources to teach essential cloud computing concepts and apply real-life industry case studies to enhance student learning. Additionally, the course will conclude with students creating a business plan that integrates cloud technologies.

Regular seminars and workshops will accompany the course to help students grasp the potential of cloud computing in fostering the growth of the business community in Hong Kong through digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud is supporting talent development in Hong Kong in a big way. In November 2022, they launched the Cloud Talent Program in the city, giving over 2,000 students with access to more than 300 free training courses dealing with cloud computing, data analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Digital Technology Solutions

Alibaba Cloud offers digital technology solutions that can benefit businesses of any size. These solutions are already popular among local convenience stores that may not have previously been considered tech-savvy. By utilizing big data and artificial intelligence, Alibaba Cloud can help these businesses bridge the gap between online and offline retail. The outcome is an enhanced shopping experience for customers.

Alibaba Cloud Intelligence’s General Manager for Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines, Leo Liu, is happy about Alibaba Cloud’s association with HKU Business School to enhance the development of local talent and equip students with the necessary skills. This course can help them navigate a world where cloud technology is increasingly important in creating business and societal benefits. This association aims to contribute to Hong Kong’s growth as a leading innovation and technology center.

According to the report published in February 2023 by Synergy Research Group, a market data firm, Alibaba was ranked as the world’s fourth-largest cloud infrastructure service provider in the fourth quarter of 2022 after Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google, respectively. The report also pointed out that the cloud infrastructure market is growing rapidly and consistently, with the top five providers holding 60 percent of the market share.


The deal with HKU Business School, Hongkong doesn’t come as a surprise as Alibaba Cloud is not stitching up business partnerships on its own. The parent company Alibaba, which owns the South China Morning Post, had announced a sweeping reorganization aimed at dividing the sprawling business of the flagship company into six independently-run units.