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The 12 Happiest Tech Companies in America

1 day ago | by Dennis McCafferty

If you want to work for a company where most employees are engaged and happy with their jobs, the tech industry may be the best place to look. In fact, seven of the top 10 happiest companies in the... Read More



  • Things You Should Never Do at a Job Interview
    You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? This adage certainly applies to a job interview, as your future career success may depend on the choices you make and the way you act during interactions with a potential employer. To...
  • Why an IT Pro Should Be Every User's Valentine
    With Valentine's Day upon us, users should think about doing something special for the systems and network administrators, help desk staffers and other IT professionals who make their lives easier. Why? Because the IT department is constantly on...
  • The Ten Best Metro Areas for STEM Jobs
    Are you looking for a city that offers great opportunities for pursuing an IT career? Then you should check out this list of the top 10 metro areas for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs, as compiled by WalletHub. The company came...
  • Why IT Professionals Want More Business Experience
    The vast majority of IT executives, managers and employees now recognize that business experience is more valuable to their careers than new technology skills, according to a number of survey reports from Wisegate, a peer-based IT advisory firm. As...
  • Super Bowl Players You'd Want on Your Office Team
    The Super Bowl has become America's premier sporting event because it offers something for everyone: Even if you aren't a sports fan, the commercials are sure to entertain you, and the halftime show always features A-list musical talent, such as...
  • Are You Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Career?
    Do you ever get the feeling that instead of getting ahead at work, you're simply staying in place? Are you upset that you never get singled out for positive recognition or promotions? Do you feel that your colleagues and supervisors are trying to...
  • What Do Workers Really Want From Their Employer?
    If you think compensation is in the top spot on employees' wish lists, you're wrong. Today's professionals value more than salary. They want work-life factors such as job security, a flexible schedule and the potential for advancement, according to...
  • The Top U.S. States Offering Programming Jobs
    If you think California is the top state for programming jobs, guess again. According to recently released research from Experts Exchange, two states strongly associated with the nation's capital top the list for programming employment...
  • Leadership Advice for New Tech Managers
    When supervising workers with different personalities and work ethics, you must find a leadership style that's comfortable for you and works well for your team.
  • IT Hiring Will Increase Significantly This Year
    The vast majority of technology-focused human resources and recruitment professionals plan to boost hiring efforts in 2015, according to a semi-annual survey from Dice. Most companies surveyed are planning to increase IT staffing by significant...

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