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What Job Seekers Want From Prospective Employers

2 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

With many employees either actively looking for new job opportunities or remaining open to such a change, potential candidates are growing increasingly savvy about researching companies before... Read More



  • Why Open-Source Pros Are in Great Demand
    The majority of hiring managers predict that the demand for open-source IT professionals will rise more than other recruitment-based areas of interest over the next six months, according to a recent survey from the Linux Foundation and Dice. The...
  • What Motivates 'Boomerang' Employees to Return?
    A significant percent of U.S. professionals are "boomerang" workers—people who have returned to work for an ex-employer—according to a recent survey from Spherion. Findings reveal that even more of the respondents are open to this idea,...
  • The 10 Highest-Paying Technology Companies
    A great salary probably isn't the only reason you'd accept a job offer. But if you could work in a company with a great culture—one that combines a challenging, inspiring and fun work environment with an awesome compensation...
  • Anatomy of a Developer: What Drives This Tech Pro?
    When it comes to what tasks they like to do on the job, developers want to learn new technologies while building code, according to a recent survey from Stack Overflow. The resulting "Developer Hiring Landscape" report covers a wide range of...
  • 10 Fastest-Growing Tech Skills for Job Openings
    Demand for IT skills continues to soar, pushing compensation for technology professionals to new heights. Annual IT salaries averaged $96,370 in 2015, increasing by 7.7 percent over the prior year, according to Dice. The average bonus was $10,194,...
  • The 8 Hottest IoT Job Categories and Skills
    Life is good for technology professionals who are involved with Internet of things (IoT) projects: By 2020, the number of Internet-connected "things" will soar to 50 billion—up from nearly 5 billion last year. Also by 2020, nine out of 10 cars...
  • IT Security Pros Fear Brand Damage and Job Loss
    A seemingly endless barrage of cyber-attacks and other digital threats is taking its toll on the IT security professionals who are charged with protecting the enterprise. Despite increasingly sophisticated security solutions, the number of breaches...
  • What Do Knowledge Workers Need to Succeed?
    Thanks to rapid technological shifts and market changes, their job roles are constantly evolving, and they place more value on mission-supporting results rather than simply "clocking in" from 9 to 5. Also, many of these individuals believe that an...
  • 5 Career-Crushing Things Employees Say
    The majority of employees queried said they've heard a colleague say something that had a catastrophic impact on their career, according to a recent survey from VitalSmarts. In fact, many of the professionals said they have made a comment that cost...
  • The 10 Highest Paying Technology Jobs
    By now, it's pretty clear that many companies are willing to offer great salaries for proven tech talent. If you've ever wondered how much you'd command on the market with world-class IT skills and experience, the following list of the top 10...

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