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Demand Soars for IT Pros With Essential Skills

3 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Significant numbers of IT workers are continuing to see a surge in demand for their skills, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. In fact, the average tech professional is receiving dozens of... Read More



  • How to Work Effectively With Difficult Colleagues
    Toxic co-workers arrive in all shapes and forms. There are the passive-aggressive types, the pathological liars and, of course, the bullies. If you think bullies can be found only in schoolyards, think again: As many as one-third of professionals...
  • Citizen Developers Help Close the Skills Gap
    In today's topsy-turvy digital world, no concept goes unexplored. One of the more interesting wrinkles on the innovation front? Enterprises turning to citizen developers to spur innovation and fill key skill gaps. According to Gartner, employees...
  • 11 Missteps That Can Sink Your Career
    There's no script for employees to follow that will guarantee career success, but there are certain rules of thumb that bode well for a rewarding, long-term career. For example, it's essential to exercise sound, business-focused judgment and earn a...
  • 11 Must-Have Soft Skills for Tech Professionals
    In a recent feature, we presented 10 IT certifications that result in top-paying technology jobs. Earning one of these certifications, however, doesn't necessarily guarantee a lucrative, long-term career. To build on success over decades, tech...
  • Are C-Level Execs Disparaging CISOs?
    It wasn't that long ago that the CIO's place in the C-suite was questioned, and the role was marginalized by other executives who felt CIOs should just focus on software and hardware. Well, that attitude is nothing compared to the beating chief...
  • Job Cuts in the Tech Sector Grow at a Faster Pace
    A new report shows that job cuts in technology in the first six months of 2014 are close to the total reached for all of 2013—and could surpass it by year's end.
  • Nine Leadership Lessons From Pope Francis
    By virtually any standard, Pope Francis has become a beloved and effective world leader. He lives in a modest guesthouse instead of the Apostolic Palace. He wears the same cross he wore when he was a cardinal. And he gave up the famed Mercedes-Benz...
  • How Do Employees Measure Success?
    The vast majority of U.S. employees queried in a recent survey from CareerBuilder said they aren't earning what they deserve. Most of us, of course, would prefer to make more money. However, these findings demonstrate that professionals' resentment...
  • Nine Steps That Can Help You Move Into Management
    Have you always considered yourself management material, but are still waiting for that elusive promotion? It's a universal challenge for employees: Many professionals want to move into management, but there are obviously only so many of those...
  • Top States With Growth in Tech Jobs
    If you want to go to a U.S. region where IT career opportunities are on the fast track, head south. The top three states for technology job growth and newly created IT positions are all from that region, rather than from traditional tech meccas such...

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