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Are Employees Really Ready to Work on Mars?

7 days ago | by Tony Kontzer

There's no doubt that technology is reshaping the way people think about how, when and where they work. In fact, in a recent survey, a significant number of Generation X and Generation Y... Read More



  • Employees Struggle With Work and Tech Overload
    A significant number of U.S. workers are struggling with work overload and are overwhelmed trying to deal with all the technology in their lives, according to a recent survey from Cornerstone OnDemand. It doesn't help that employees are also dealing...
  • Tech Employees Thrive at Midsize Companies
    If you could take your pick of working wherever you wanted, would you go with a large enterprise or a startup? Most likely, the answer would be "neither," according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. The vast majority of IT...
  • How to Prepare for a Year-End Performance Review
    You shouldn't fear your annual performance review. Instead, you should be proactive and make the review an opportunity to move forward in your career.
  • Why Healthy Employees Call in Sick
    Let's face it: Some employees would say anything to get out of work for a day. But it's very unlikely that you've worked with a professional who's resorted to some of the following outrageous excuses to call in sick, as compiled from a recent...
  • What Are IT Professionals' Biggest Frustrations?
    So what really bothers you at work? If you're like many tech professionals, you're more likely to get frustrated over a lack of career growth and skills development than compensation, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. IT...
  • What You Need to Know About Managing Women in Tech
    Women have joined the tech field in smaller numbers than men, are less likely to stay in the field, are promoted less often and are less likely to be satisfied.
  • Ten Golden Rules of Leadership From Real Legends
    Wouldn't it be great if we could learn from ancient legends such as Plato, Aristotle and Sophocles? Obviously, they have nothing to teach us about software code, the cloud or data analytics, but they certainly would inspire lively discussions about...
  • Questions You Must Ask at a Job Interview
    When preparing for a job interview, job candidates usually focus on coming up with great answers to employers' questions. But job seekers also should think seriously about the questions that they should pose to hirers during these sessions. A job...
  • A Tech Divide Hurts Job Recruitment Efforts
    Technology has forever transformed the way companies recruit job candidates, but many still fall short in maximizing the advantages of IT innovation, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. This is turning off promising prospects, as they...
  • Employees Give Their Managers High Marks
    We all occasionally grumble about our bosses, but most of us actually like them, according to a recent survey from Randstad US. In fact, the majority of workers say they feel inspired by their managers. The survey also includes encouraging findings...

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