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Tailoring Work-Life Policies for Working Parents

2 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

When it comes to balancing their professional and personal duties, Millennial parents are more satisfied than those in other generations, according to a new survey from the Working Mother Research... Read More



  • Phrases You Should Never Include on Your Résumé
    So you think you've written a definitive résumé? Well, don't hit "send" until you check it for the following overused résumé turn-offs, which were compiled by CareerBuilder. Job candidates have very little time to make a...
  • Workers Value Relationships More Than Their Career
    What's love got to do with it? Plenty—at least when it comes to careers. Far from a "sweet old-fashioned notion," a serious relationship often takes priority over career considerations, according to a recent "WorkSphere" survey from Spherion....
  • Questions That Smart Employees—and Bosses—Ask
    It's possible that you spend nearly as much time with your boss as you do your significant other. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly quality time for many employees, as one-third of workers surveyed said they are "somewhat" or "very" dissatisfied...
  • Remote Workers Enjoy Better Work-Life Balance
    Employees who do most of their work outside of a traditional office enjoy improved work-life balance, according to a recent survey from Flex+Strategy Group. The survey also counters some stigmas about remote workers. For example, though younger...
  • Software Engineers Are in Great Demand
    Software engineers know that the demand for their skills is soaring, and they're ready to take advantage of that situation, according to recent research from Glassdoor, which reports that a significant percentage of these engineers are planning to...
  • Skills Gap Triggers Costly Job Vacancies
    A lack of qualified workers is leading to a large number of job vacancies that are proving costly to companies, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. In fact, organizations lose an average of $14,000 for every position that stays vacant...
  • Ten Ways to Avoid Burning Bridges When You Resign
    These days, very few employees stay with the same organization for decades. Like professional athletes, workers switch teams much more frequently than prior generations did. In fact, today's y young workers go through an average of seven job changes...
  • Demand for Linux Professionals Soars
    Linux professionals are in huge demand these days. In fact, the vast majority of hiring managers contacted plan to recruit Linux pros over the next six months, according to the "2014 Linux Jobs Report," from Dice and the Linux Foundation. Given...
  • Guidelines for Office Dating
    Spring is here, and the warm, sunny days may temp some workers to begin an office romance. However, before they ask a co-worker out, employees should weigh professional considerations. For starters, their company may have rules against co-workers...
  • Ten Emerging Tech Jobs With Great Futures
    If you need further proof that technology trends such as mobility and the cloud have changed the face of business, then check out the following emerging IT job titles, which were compiled by Janco Associates. They reflect how organizations are...

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