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The Cloud's Effect on Evolving IT Staffing Needs

6 days ago | by Tony Kontzer

The impact of the cloud on IT staffing has become clear: As workloads move to offsite infrastructures, hiring for lower-level IT positions is slowing, while the demand for skills in areas such as... Read More



  • The Hottest Industries & Cities for Software Jobs
    Would you believe that the technology industry isn't the fastest growing sector for software jobs? That's according to recent rankings from job site Glassdoor, which lists the fastest-growing industry segments and metropolitan areas for software...
  • How Automation Can Boost Employee Performance
    The majority of professionals and business leaders feel that parts of their job could be automated—a move that would significantly reduce the burden of mundane tasks that don't address core role functions, according to a recent survey from...
  • Why Job Seekers Expect Better Hiring Experiences
    The majority of workers said that the job interview and onboarding processes frequently set the tone for their employment experience with a company, yet too few organizations handle them well, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. The...
  • The Widening IT Skills Gap Worries Management
    The vast majority of business and technology executives are concerned about the IT skills gap, and many reported that an overall talent gap is growing, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The resulting report, "Assessing the IT Skills Gap,"...
  • Employers Screen Job Candidates on Social Media
    A growing number of employers are using social media to screen job candidates, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. They're looking for information that either supports or disproves a candidate's claimed qualifications for the job...
  • Why Tech Pros Need to Develop Soft Skills
    When evaluating job candidates, employers and HR managers consider emotional intelligence and interpersonal behavior, including eye contact and body language.
  • Web App Problems Hurt Business & IT Pros' Careers
    Nearly all quality assurance (QA) and development professionals deal with web app quality issues that hurt the business, according to a recent survey from Sencha. The resulting report, "The State of Web Application Testing," indicates that these...
  • IT Hiring Is Expected to Grow for the Rest of 2017
    The already-hot job market for IT professionals is going to get hotter, according to a mid-year survey and forecast from Dice. Among recruiters who specialize in filling tech positions, a larger number anticipate the hiring of more tech pros over...
  • Tech Salaries Are Higher, but Hiring Slows Down
    IT salaries—while on the upswing in recent years—have risen sharply since last year, according to a recent survey from Janco. The accompanying report, "2017 Mid-Year IT Salary Survey," indicates that overall IT earnings have increased by...
  • Workers Have Job Satisfaction, but Dislike Change
    All employees have some gripes about work, but most of us are satisfied with our job, according to a recent survey from the American Psychological Association (APA). The "2017 Work and Well-Being Survey" reports that overall indicators are...

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