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Office Distractions That Are Productivity Killers

5 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Employees are often overwhelmed by workplace distractions, which significantly reduce their productivity. Sometimes, the distractions are due to their own actions, but many times, they're not,... Read More



  • More IT Pros Stand Firm During Salary Negotiations
    While hiring plans for IT workers are in a slight decline, tech professionals are increasingly leveraging the existing demand for their skills to obtain better compensation packages, according to a recent survey from Findings also show...
  • How to Deal With Email When You're on Vacation
    Remember when a vacation was really a vacation—a time when people completely disconnected from work and allowed themselves to recharge? Well, those days are clearly over. In fact, three out of five employees said they do at least some work...
  • Remote Workers Lack Adequate Tech Resources
    Telecommuting continues to be a key recruitment tool and employee morale booster, but, in many organizations, remote workers lack the IT resources they need to do their jobs effectively, according to a recent survey from Staples Advantage, the...
  • Developer Skills in Demand--Now and in the Future
    Employers continue to seek software developers with expertise in established technologies such as .NET, C++ and HTML, but the environment is changing rapidly.
  • How You Can Enhance Your Executive Presence
    Being an organizational power player is definitely not an entry-level job. And to become such as player, you have to offer more than strong technology skills. You also must project an image that screams "executive material" to your peers and...
  • The Counteroffer: A Career Crossroad
    Before accepting a job counteroffer, carefully weigh all the risks involved and analyze the positives and negatives of sticking with your current employer.
  • The Pros and Cons of Working in an Office
    Is an office job a blessing or a grind? Judging by recent survey results from CareerBuilder, it looks like both descriptions apply. Like most office workers, many IT professionals can't avoid the daily confines of life in a cubicle. However,...
  • Don't Make These Mistakes on Your Job Application
    As a technology professional, you may not consider writing one of your core strengths. However, you still need to communicate effectively on both paper documents and emails, especially when you're applying for a job. That said, hiring managers are...
  • Top Ten Relocation Cities for IT Pros
    Given the rising level of competition among companies for tech talent, IT professionals have more leverage than ever to land a great job. However, they may need—or want—to relocate for that position. Nationwide, 35 percent of job...
  • IT Careers Are Stressful but Satisfying
    TEKsystems' "IT Stress & Pride Survey" presents a classic good news/bad news picture when it comes to technology professionals and stress. First the bad news: A significant number of IT workers surveyed said their current stress level is higher...

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