Most Exciting Startups of 2023

Startups of 2023

From baby formula to passive income solutions, the world of startups welcomes all types of out-of-the-box ideas!

What Is a Startup?

A startup is a new company or project created by an entrepreneur who wants to develop a scalable business model. Startups usually begin with a person and their idea and then expand to additional employees, a small office, humble funding, and big ambitions.

Risks and Rewards of Startups

Starting a business is gratifying in many ways; each employee has a lot of room to learn new things while carrying increasing responsibility and being pushed to create. Startups typically offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours and workplace benefits, such as a strong team dynamic, a less formal setting, and free snacks.

However, nothing in life is all rainbows and sunshine, and startups are no exception. It’s often difficult to attract finances, secure an office space, and gather a team of professionals. Not to mention the looming risk of failure.

Let’s have a look at some of the most fascinating startups of 2023 that have been prospering!


The Honeygain team established a crowdsourced residential proxy network in 2019 through which users can make money by sharing their underutilized internet connection. This shared link is used by verified scientists, researchers, and enterprises for a variety of functions, including ad verification and pricing aggregation.

Each user earns money for their efforts with free earnings – depending on their location and how often they run the app, the average payout is from $23 to $48 per month.

The Honeygain team decided to combine these two spheres and provide a transparent way for users to earn money while helping make the web a better place for everyone. Now, the Honeygain app enables millions of users worldwide to earn passive income with minimal effort.


When Cradlewise was founded in 2018 and began selling smart bassinets with integrated baby monitors, it completely changed the lives of new parents. When the infant shows indications of waking up, their bassinet can immediately calm them down by monitoring their depth of sleep.

With the support of a group of certified medical advisers, Cradlewise seeks to reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation on parents and instead make parenting a happy and unforgettable experience filled with quality time spent with their child.

Cradlewise is proud to hold both the GREENGUARD Gold and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers’ Association (JPMA) Certifications. Any product that satisfies regulatory criteria and other standards is demonstrated by the JPMA Certification Seal. Low chemical emissions are also guaranteed by the GREENGUARD Gold.


Linktree aims to help influencers and other digital content creators publish content across different platforms through a one-click link.

With Linktree, subscribers don’t need to search for a single link through various platforms – a single Linktree link contains many internal links to show each creator page easily. Just like a tree branch!

Linktree also helps you scale your business by making your platforms easily accessible. And many people agree as Linktree has more than 40 million users.


Learning new languages is often scary and challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. Preply is a quickly expanding language tutoring service that’s built on a marketplace model like Upwork.

Each student can select tutors from over 200 countries to help them learn anything from Chinese to English. Since its launch in 2012, Preply has accumulated over 30 thousand tutors and has a growing user base of over 100 thousand active students.


Although smartwatches have been well-loved for a few years, many think they’re clunky and uncomfortable. The solution – Oura’s rings. Oura rings, launched in Finland in 2013, monitor your heart-rate variability (HRV), blood oxygen rate, body temperature, and sleep duration.

The company’s mission is to make your health a daily practice, and with over a million rings sold worldwide, they’re on track to reach their mission!


Printify is a technology company that enables customers to sell customized merchandise with the designs that the users have created. The plus side? The customer doesn’t have to worry about negotiating contracts, maintaining inventory, and other hassles.

Why? Because Printify works on-demand, a seller won’t get charged anything until an order has been placed. Printify offers a selection of over 800 high-quality products to choose from, and over 8 million now are active sellers on this platform.


Created by Moms for Moms in 2018, Bobbie is a startup company that offers organic baby formula for families. The formula has a European-style recipe that adheres to all FDA requirements and most of the EU nutritional requirements for infant formulas.

After the nationwide baby formula shortage of 2022, companies like this exploded in popularity because they provide a steady supply of what babies need most – nutrition. Bobbie was the only brand to expand their retail during the shortage.

The culture of startups shows no signs of slowing down. If you have any ideas for a business of your own, now’s the time to start!


Featured image provided by Austin Distel; Unsplash; Thanks!