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Company Lays Down the Law on Business Continuity

6 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

Rubin Lublin, a real estate law firm, turned to disaster recovery in the cloud to transform the way it protects its data and ensures business continuity. Read More



  • Protecting IT Assets During Disasters and Outages
    Despite the frequency of disasters and network outages, many organizations remain under-prepared for these incidents, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP. As a result, these companies run the risk of losing IT assets that directly impact...
  • Global Firms Deploy Multi-Cloud Business Models
    The vast majority of global organizations are adopting multi-cloud business models, according to a recent survey from Equinix. And most of the companies will operate these clouds in more than one country, findings reveal. In addition, they will have...
  • Unplanned System Downtime Has Serious Consequences
    Is your technology organization taking a "zero tolerance" position on unplanned downtime? If so, it's joining a very big club, as the vast majority of IT professionals feel that zero downtime is mission-critical. Unfortunately, most companies...

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