The Best Small Business Shipping Software

small business shipping

If you want to streamline and improve your shipping process, you can achieve your goal using the right shipping software. With the best small business shipping software, you can organize orders, compare rates, create labels, and do lots more. Additionally, there are dozens of shipping software systems available. You can get some for free, while others may cost you hundreds of dollars per month. Most are billed monthly, so you don’t need to enter into a long-term contract.

Moreover, look for shipping software that integrates into your eCommerce platform and related tools. Some features to look out for are order management, report generation, and customer support.

Small Business Shipping Software

Spark Shipping

Spark Shipping is a multi-supplier automation software designed to make your dropshipping business run more smoothly. This user-friendly tool does everything from automating inventory updates to receiving tracking information. Spark Shipping works with all vendors, be they popular like Shopify or niche like Zentail. And best of all, this tool can connect one product to multiple suppliers, so your customers never go without.

Spark Shipping’s dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your store and orders over a long period of time. Other key features are:

  • Shopping cart integration
  • Automation
  • Full product data integration
  • Intelligent order routing
  • Easy to synchronize inventory
  • Plenty of online resources

Customers can try a free demo. After that, the Professional plan offers 1,000 orders per month, 240 SKUs, and 3 vendor integration for $249 per month. The Premium plan offers 2,500 orders a month, 500k SKUs, and 5 vendor integrations for $499 per month. The Premium Plus plan offers 5,000 orders per month, 1 million SKUs, and 10 vendor integrations for $999 per month.

There’s a custom Enterprise plan, but you’ll need to contact Spark Shipping to get started.


ShippingEasy is designed for small businesses, but there are options for high-volume operations, also. So, this cloud-based application offers the perfect combination of savings, features, and functionality. Additional features are available for tackling inventory management, marketing, and customer relationship management.

Also, ShippingEasy allows users to organize orders and compare rates side-by-side through an intuitive interface. Moreover, other key features are:

  • Discounted UPS and USPS commercial rates
  • Priority mail service rates
  • Smooth and hassle-free integrations
  • Automation
  • Inventory management
  • Order management

The free starter plan allows 25 shipments. The basic plan comes at $29/month for 500 shipments, while the plus plan at $49/month allows 1500 shipments for three users. You can also choose from the Select, Premium, and Enterprise plans.


Ordoro has some excellent shipping functionalities, but its advanced inventory management makes it stand apart. The automated purchasing feature is another critical USP of Ordoro.

Ordoro comes with robust integrations with the leading dropshipping marketplaces. So, if you are into dropshipping, your business can benefit immensely from an Ordoro subscription.

Also, Ordoro offers discounted USPS commercial rates and discounted shipping insurance with all plans. Likewise, other key features are:

  • Easy integrations
  • Automation
  • Excellent supplier management
  • Easy management of orders
  • Inventory management
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Periphery hardware such as USB scales, printer connectivity, and others.

The free starter plan allows 1000 orders and one sales channel, while the Express plan at $59 allows 2000 orders and two sales channels. The Pro plan is offered at $499/month for 3000 orders, while the Enterprise plan at $999/month has custom features.


EasyShip is a cloud-based platform with dedicated features for crowdfunding campaigns. It offers a user-friendly shipping solution backed by affordable pricing and easy accessibility. EasyShip caters to crowdfunding needs by connecting with major markets and offering attractive pricing options. The monthly fee for successful campaigns is waived till the initial campaign is completely shipped.

EasyShip offers exceptional support and is available 24/7. It also provides international shipping facilities. Other key features are:

  • Automation
  • Excellent supplier management
  • Advanced order and inventory management
  • Marketing tools to provide a custom experience
  • A string of online resources

The free starter plan offers 50 shipments and one user. The Plus Plan at $29 per month allows 500 shipments and three users. The Premier plan is $69 for 1500 shipments and five users. Choose the Enterprise plan for custom features and pricing.


ShipStation is the best platform for meeting your shipping demands if you are a shipping enterprise looking to scale up. Additionally, it is easily one of the top software systems for shipping, as it collaborates with over 50 carriers and has over 250 integrations with others. You can benefit from the software’s numerous plug-and-play integrations.

ShipStation offers discounted USPS commercial rates, UPS rates, and a host of shipping discounts. Other key features are:

  • High level of automation in setting product defaults and groups
  • Better order management
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Powerful tools for marketing
  • Best hardware support
  • Support is available through phone, chat, and online

ShipStation doesn’t offer free plans. The Starter plan is offered at $9.99 per month for 50 shipments. The Bronze plan is offered at $29.99 for 500 shipments monthly, while the Silver Plan is at $49.99 for 1500 shipments. Enterprise, the best plan, comes at $159.99 for 10,000 shipments.


If you are an eCommerce company taking baby steps into this business, OrderCup can help you manage your affairs smoothly. The software is perfect for small sellers and eCommerce enterprises just starting up.

OrderCup can help you in managing shipments, rate comparisons, and in dealing with multichannel orders. Moreover, it is a user-friendly platform that offers excellent support. Also, other key features of the software are:

  • Discounted rates
  • Multiple perks
  • Direct integrations with leading eCommerce platforms
  • Automation for many tasks
  • Better order and inventory management
  • Superior customer service

The free plan allows users to ship out 50 orders under one user. The Short plan is available at #25/month for 500 shipments, while the Tall Plan at $45 allows 1500 shipments for two users. The Grande Plan allows 3000 shipments and can be ordered for $65. The Venti Plan allows 6000 shipments for $95 per month. Moreover, the highest plan is named Trenta and allows 12,000 shipments at $180/month for 12 users.


To get the best package for your small business management needs, you must compare the rates and the features of every software for small business shipping. So, using the right shipping software can ease many problems for your business. Likewise, it offers an efficient way of managing shipments, organizing orders, and tracking inventory. The names recommended by us are all good for small businesses. Analyze the salient features of each one before making the final choice.