4 Enterprise Apps That Help Automate Your Workflow

automate your workflow for your team

Business owners and entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to streamline their procedures and automate their workflow when possible. Enhanced collaboration and effective communication can help team members converge on the same goal. This can be achieved even when their efforts are initiated from different groups, locations, and divisions. 

Likewise, every growing business has to deal with the problem of creating a synergy between its various divisions. Most employees focus on solving issues specific to their department. So, they rarely have a holistic picture of their location and role in the workflow process. This challenge drives the need for intercommunication solutions. 

Work process automation using the right tools can help improve cross-departmental collaboration. Indeed, it is important to identify and incorporate the best enterprise workflow automation applications. It will help your team members visualize the value and influence of their work on other business areas and processes. 

What is Enterprise Workflow Automation

Enterprise workflow automation is an automated means of inspecting documents, tasks, and data flow over work-based protocols. Moreover, the software is designed to organize tasks and automate complex business processes. 

Indeed, today’s enterprise apps market offers various solutions to meet every business need and fit within any budget. But they all have their strengths and weaknesses. 

So, we have analyzed the top four apps to help you select the best enterprise apps that fit your business needs. The choice is based on their features, capabilities, and purposes. 


Kissflow is a friendly and simple workflow automation software for creating powerful apps and processes. It offers a comprehensive solution for automating administrative, finance, HR, marketing, procurement, and sales workflows.

Key Features

The app also offers automated workflow routing, a visual workflow system, third-party integrations, service-level agreements, reporting, ticketing system, analytics, etc. 

Best Suited For

Kissflow is ideal for small companies and teams looking to implement workflow automation but are new to the technology.


  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Fully Loaded 
  • Enterprise 


Zapier is a popular and reputed workflow automation tool. Likewise, it is used for connecting the devices and apps that an enterprise is already using. Also, teams can collaborate without manual interference with Zapier. 

Key Features

Zapier is an easy automation option that automatically moves information between various web apps. It offers extendable workflows, third-party integrations, branching logic, and built-in actions.

Best Suited For

Zapier is ideal for small and medium enterprises and freelancers using tools that do not collaborate. So, it best serves the operational needs of marketing and service departments.


  • Free plan 
  • Starter plan
  • Professional 
  • Team 
  • Company 


Zoho is a powerful suite of software that can put you in control of all areas of your business. Likewise, the comprehensive customer relationship management solution is a popular choice for growing businesses. Also, the features can be customized to meet the needs of all companies across various industries.

Key Features

Zoho package comes with a range of products. So, this includes a broad CRM platform and a pipeline-centric CRM designed for small businesses. It also offers an online form builder for data collection and a sales-specific email service.

Best Suited For

Zoho is designed for growing businesses across various industries but is ideal for sales and marketing functions.


  • Standard 
  • Professional 
  • Enterprise 
  • Ultimate 


PandaDoc, as the name suggests, is a document automation software. So, it is designed to streamline the process of creating, approving, and electronic signing agreements, quotes, and other similar documents.

Key Features

PandaDoc enterprise application is one of the best apps for document generation, tracking, sharing, and e-Signing. Likewise, companies can use the app for the smooth completion of contract management. Also, other popular features are RFP software, business workflow automation, marketing automation software, and others.

Best Suited For

PandaDoc is designed for organizations with 10-50 employees with revenue from one to ten million dollars. Certainly, it can serve the needs of organizations operating in the computer software, marketing, finance, healthcare, and IT sectors.


  • Free plan 
  • Essentials
  • Business
  • Enterprise 

The In-Demand Automation Features 

These are some of the workflow automation features in great demand in 2022. Moreover, you can expect them to be in demand well beyond 2022. 

Document Generation

Creating custom reports can prove to be quite hassling for businesses. But, they can easily overcome this by using document generation apps that automate the process completely. You can create reports, forms, agreements, and more and populate them with data pulled from any system. 

No-Code Integrations

More users are looking for no-code integrations with systems that operate externally. Indeed, with automated tools, you don’t have to use codes to complete the configuration. 

Workflow Visualization

Are you looking to build a visual representation of your automated workflow? If so, you can get it done using enterprise apps with this powerful and in-demand feature. 

Contract Management

Managing contract is a crucial and indispensable part of any organization’s work process. It is also a complicated task. Certainly, contract management can be made simple, hassle-free, and easily manageable with enterprise apps with this feature. 


Enterprise workflow automation apps are a must-have for businesses looking to scale and grow. So, are you an ambitious business in a hurry to put your competitors behind? Indeed, the best way of doing it is by choosing the right enterprise workflow automation tools. Likewise, it is up to your organization to decide which software is the best option for automating your business workflows.