The Benefits of Plagiarism Checkers for Content Optimization

Plagiarism Checkers

Even though anti-plagiarism has long been a prerequisite for publishing content, many people do not fully understand why checking the originality of the text is important. Often, this seems to them like just another requirement that can be neglected, and few people think about how important it is for content optimization. In our article, you will look at plagiarism checkers’ advantages so you can understand why using them is so important.

The benefits of plagiarism checkers for content optimization

  • There are many reasons why you should check the originality of a text, but the main one is the need to comply with copyright law. With just a few clicks, you can submit your text to the plagiarism checker. If it shows that your test is not original, you’d better rewrite it in order not to violate the copyright.
  • Copywriters, webmasters, optimizers, and other specialists who work on creating content for posting on the Internet regularly check their materials for uniqueness, since it affects the promotion of the site. The indicators an article has can determine whether it ends up on the first page of a search engine or not. To analyze their publications, authors use reliable plagiarism detection services.
  • It’s no secret that every article must undergo an anti-plagiarism check. This is necessary for content writers to make sure that their texts are original to avoid getting sanctioned by Google. The file is loaded into the program, which produces a detailed report as a result. It contains links to primary sources, the percentage of uniqueness, plagiarism, and citation. All fragments in which borrowings were found are marked with color. This way, the content writer will know what parts of the text should be rewritten.

What should be the percentage of document uniqueness?

Uniqueness standards for different types of work vary significantly. For those who work on creating Internet content, their materials must have 95-100%. This is because their goal is to promote the site, and for this, it is necessary to post only original articles. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get to the first search page.

For all institutions, there is no specific standard that student work must meet. Often, everyone focuses on average data:

  • To successfully pass an essay, 65-70% is enough.
  • Coursework must have at least 75-80%.
  • The thesis must have at least 80-85%.

However, you should check with the manuals provided by your educational institution to find out its specific standard.

How to increase the originality of the text – 5 ways

You can achieve the desired anti-plagiarism indicators in different ways. Some are based on the use of special programs; others can be used manually. Some allow you to increase performance by 10-15%, while others allow you to do this by 50-80%.

We’ll tell you how you can improve the originality of your text so you can choose the methods that suit your purposes. To get rid of borrowings in your document, you can use any of the techniques listed below or combine several of them at once.

Method 1. Retelling.

Read the background information, think about the main idea, and retell it in your own words. The main condition is that the original meaning must be preserved.

Method 2. Translator.

Using a service from Google, translate your material, for example, into Portuguese. Translate the result into German, from there into French, and then again into English. Translation can negatively affect the coherence of the document, so the final work must be read carefully and, if necessary, adjusted.

Method 3. Services to increase the originality of the text.

Use special services that encode the file. Processing a document in a special program allows you to pass verification with an indicator of 80-90%, even if the work was initially downloaded from the Internet. However, the text itself does not change. In other words, only the internal code of the file will be adjusted.

Method 4: Change the structure.

If all your material was copied from one source or another, then you need to start by changing its structure. Break the content of your work into meaningful fragments and rearrange them while maintaining logic. Start processing each part of the document one by one – try to convey information in a new format – use tables, lists, etc.

Method 5. Add your reasoning.

Evaluate other people’s words, try to develop the idea, and give your commentary on the issues under consideration. This way, you can dilute fragments that have borrowings.

So, today, we explained why using plagiarism checkers is good for content optimization. As it turns out, everyone who works with text materials has their own reasons for this. Students need their work to meet certain criteria to receive a positive grade. It is important for copywriters, webmasters, and optimizers that their articles are highly unique to promote the site. The main reason why all authors need to carefully monitor anti-plagiarism indicators is that intellectual work is protected by law, and copyright cannot be violated.

Feature image provided by Andrea Piacquadio; Pexels; Thanks!