Website Security Becomes More Challenging

Website Security Becomes More Challenging

Website Security Becomes More Challenging

Security Concerns Grow  54% of consumers surveyed worry about the risk of entering their details every time they visit a Website.

The convenience of gathering information and shopping online is rapidly turning into a nightmare. These days, every click puts consumers and businesses at risk for increasingly sophisticated malware and other threats. What's more, the volume of online transactions is skyrocketing. The result is a growing frequency of stolen data, identity theft and other security problems. A recent survey conducted by global Web hosting service 1&1 Internet offered eye-opening information about how today's Web environment is evolving—some might say devolving—and how consumers view the online world. The company surveyed 403 U.S. adults and found that a significant percentage have fears about using the Web and the impact it could have on their lives. In fact, concerns over Website security are on the rise. Not surprisingly, companies also face concerns about whether they are adequately protecting their Websites and, in the end, delivering a safe and secure online environment. "The vulnerabilities of Websites have become a big concern for consumers within the past decade, especially due to the incredible popularity of online shopping," said Kelly Meeneghan, manager, 1&1 Internet. "Businesses must be aware of consumer fears about divulging personal information … and how it affects their purchasing behavior." Here's a look at some of the major issues and concerns businesses face today.

Samuel Greengard is a freelance writer for Baseline.
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