Project Management: What You Need To Succeed in 2007

Tactical Advice

Tips for Making PMOs Work
Success of a Project Management Office is most likely for those who have clear objectives and a reliable way of measuring return on investment, consultants say.

A Proliferation of Tools
A software-as-a-service approach is one way of getting started, but there may be a tradeoff in functionality.

Project Manager Pay at Big Enterprises Rises to $161,474 a Year
A jump in salary levels is producing a surge of interest in the field.

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PMOs: Voices of Experience

Q&A: What the Head of RJ Reynolds’ PMO Says She Has Learned
One key change in the way she runs her PMO has allowed Phyllis Culbertson to tell her bosses exactly what they want to know about I.T.

Q&A: Starting a PMO, As Described By One Who Has Done It
Mike Stober, global manager of the information-technology project management office at Stanley Works, the $3.3 billion tool manufacturer based in New Britain, Conn., discusses the launch of a project management office. From the Baseline archive.

PMOs: Case Studies

U.K. Department of Health: Prescription for Disaster
The British government budgeted close to $12 billion to transform its health-care system with information technology. The result: possibly the biggest and most complex technology project in the world and one that critics, including two Members of Parliament, worry is headed toward disaster. From the Baseline archive.

Project Management: Tim Hortons Turns Out Stores on the Double
By late 2006, the Canadian restaurant chain was opening new stores in 360 days instead of 390. First, it had to get over some hurdles working with project management software.From the Baseline archive.

PMOs: Self-Assessment Tools

Project Management: Evaluating Practices
How good is your company’s project management practice? Assess yourself with this tutorial. Registration required for PDF download.

Six Degrees of Project Management
Human networks often cause more problems than technological ones. Break it down to that old game of Six Degrees. Registration required to download a PDF, which includes a tool to measure how integrated your project team is.

Other Resources

Project Management Institute
This association, based in Newtown Square, Pa., represents more than 230,000 members from an assortment of major industries. It administers an examination-based professional credentialing program for project managers.

RMC Project Management
Rita Mulcahy, a popular speaker in project management circles, is president of RMC Project Management, a training and professional development firm based in Minneapolis, Minn. The firm offers classes—in person and online—for beginning and experienced project managers.

The Computer Technology Industry Association, based in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., offers programs leading to certification in project management, in addition to an assortment of topic areas such as security.

International Institute for Learning
The New York-based firm offers classroom and online learning classes in project management, Six Sigma methodology for process improvements, and business analysis.

Project Management Consultants

Price Systems
The Mt. Laurel, N.J., consultancy has more than 100 professionals, including industry process consultants, project leaders, cost analysts and cost engineers. Its customers include AT&T, Fidelity Investments and the U.S. Army and Navy.

The Minneapolis-based firm has a roster of 35 consultants or “Essentialists,” who work with project managers in an assortment of businesses. Clients include 3M, Carlson Marketing Group, Land’s End and Oshkosh Truck Corp.

Project Reference
A Web site created by John Musser, a Seattle-based technology consultant, writer and teacher, includes recommended books, links to tutorials and sample development plans, an overview of project management software and software development methodologies.