Enron: Security Woes, Too?

Protecting a company from external computer hackers is not a job for the faint of heart. Even when the attacks are routine, it’s tough, and it can be risky. Add a bunch of angry ex-employees and a slew of investigators who all want to get at your internal data and

Why Andersen Cracked in IT Suit

Arthur Andersen is not just struggling with fallout of its auditing work at Enron, Global Crossing and Qwest Communications. Its information technology consulting also led to an agreement to pay Department 56—an Eden Prairie, Minn., merchandiser of Snowbabies and other collectibles—$11 million. This is the story behind the settlement, which

Containing the Pain of Scope Creep

Cost overruns. Delays. Infighting. Most problems in the development lifecycle can be traced back to scope creep—including project failure. Scope creep is a natural part of every project, says Douglas Brindley, senior vice president of consulting firm Software Productivity Research (SPR). According to SPR, requirements in an internal development project

How ADP Gets Tough with IBM

In the basement of Automatic Data Processing’s labs in Roseland, N.J., server farms pound on IBM’s WebSphere application server. Even on weekends, when VP of Internet and client/server development Yen-Ping Shan would go to supervise, the payroll-processing company’s servers and the machines throwing transactions at those servers are humming. This

By the Numbers: March 2002

Security Attacks Rise, Breaches Kept at Bay Who’s Attacking? Infrastructure: From Whom to Buy? Fancy Isn’t Frivolous: HTML vs. Text E-mail Web Services Wait Storage Support Sells For a detailed view of this month’s statistics, download the PDF file.

Microsoft CRM Gets Early Debut

Microsoft on Tuesday plunged into a new software pond—and laid the rumors to rest—when it officially announced plans to field a customer relationship management suite. Microsoft unveiled its CRM strategy a couple of weeks earlier than it had told third-party resellers. Last week, software distributors told Baseline that Microsoft executives

Microsoft CRM: A Sneak Peek

Outside of the few hundred developers at Microsoft who have seen prototypes of Microsoft’s forthcoming MSCRM customer relationship management suite, relatively few have seen what Microsoft’s small- to mid-market offering will look like. But according to copies of some of the MSCRM marketing materials that Microsoft has made available to

Readers Respond to Kmart Woes

Baseline’s coverage of Kmart’s supply chain debacle provoked a welter of letters from readers eager to comment on the discount retailer’s slide into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection: I saw this company in trouble years ago! Employed as a loss-prevention manager for a local store, I became aware of a “manager-laden”

Lotus in Never Land

Have IBM and Lotus execs inhaled too much pixie dust? Late in January, Big Blue staged its annual Lotusphere conference at Walt Disney World for customers of its Lotus software unit. Right next door to Epcot, Lotus general manager Al Zollar tried to convince people that Lotus’ strategic value wasn’t

Microsoft Marches into CRM

When Microsoft unveils its plans and strategy for its MSCRM customer relationship management software offering next month, the software giant will have a lot of explaining to do. A number of Microsoft’s CRM “partners” say that Microsoft still has not told them of its plans to enter the CRM market.