Companies That Bet On Start-ups

Betting your business on a start-up, as EFS Network has done, is a tough decision for many customers given the number of vendors that have disappeared or been acquired over the last two years. One protection that customers are seeking is to insist that vendors put their source code in

Gotcha! Creating An Electronic Exchange

Did you know that: Your exchange will only work as well as your ERP system lets it If there’s one lesson he’s learned from deploying an electronic exchange, it’s “Know your ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, because it has idiosyncrasies that need to be respected,” says Mark Mendelson, e-Business leader

Streaming Media Gets Serious

Entertainment may have gotten streaming media into the cubicle. But now, the technology is being used by companies to inform and train workers, fostering communication while cutting costs. Take the case of Mercedes-Benz USA, which two years ago began making videos available online to more than 4,500 technicians in Mercedes-Benz

AT&T’s Autonomic Security: Sign Up Now or Later

Steve Krapes knows it’s just a matter of time. All it will take is a system outage, a security breach or a little budget tightening, and he’ll have them right where he wants them—as customers. Then, every manager of an AT&T business will come to him. Krapes is the technical

Mary Kay Trims Servers, Taps Windows Mainframe

Kregg Jodie knows exactly how well commodity hardware handles added demands. As CIO of Mary Kay Inc., the $1.3 billion direct seller of cosmetics and beauty products, he built the company’s entire electronic commerce effort on servers made by Compaq and Dell and software from Microsoft. Hardware that automatically balanced

The End of An Aura

The CIO of the one of the nation’s largest discount merchandisers is calling on the major online retail exchanges, which aspire to provide everything from auctions to collaborative sales forecasting, to combine and improve their performance as a result. Signifying growing frustration with the exchanges’ failures to justify the investments

Measuring Up: Stand Back And Let The Big Dog Eat

Private-sector chief information officers will turn green with envy, especially as the economic climate forces them to hold the line—if not cut—their own technology spending budgets. The federal government plans to spend $37.1 billion on information services and systems in the current fiscal year, and a new report shows that

Accounting Shakeup: Time to Count on IT?

With $6 trillion of shareholder wealth wiped out since March 2000, and Xerox, WorldCom and Enron all in the middle of billion-dollar accounting scandals, public reporting on spending of all types is getting deeper scrutiny. This will put more pressure on tracking all transactions within a company, to report to

Quiz: Do You Need a Network That Can Run Itself?

  TRUE FALSE Network staff spend more than 50% of their time managing remote networks. Our network is so complex, it is sometimes hard to diagnose problems. The system must be extremely reliable. We plan significant network expansion. Our backlog of change and addition requests is one or more years

IT Spending: 2003 May Maintain 2002 Lows

BOSTON—The average U.S. corporation is likely to reduce its spending on information technology by 10% or more in 2002—and then “reset” its budget for 2003 to the lower levels, according to survey results and a panel of chief information officers at the BusinessWeek CIO Summit here Wednesday. Spending for the