Furniture Shopping Apps Are Using Augmented Reality to Innovate Their Business

furniture augmented reality

Your online furniture retail store can leverage the power of modern technology to be one-up on your competitors. There are many ways of incorporating technology into your marketing processes to expand your business and reap rich benefits. The emergence of augmented reality has become a game-changer for retail businesses, especially in the home decoration niche.

Augmented Reality Explained

Augmented reality (AR) integrates digital information in a real-time environment for users. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a fully artificial environment, augmented reality uses a real-time environment by overlaying new information.

AR emerged as a tech innovation for the retail industry in recent years. Retailers can capitalize on this emerging technology to boost their marketing efforts and improve sales and profits. Technology is transforming how furniture retailers market their products.

Benefits of AR Technology In Apps For Furniture Retailers

By using augmented reality technology in apps, furniture manufacturers and furniture retailers can offer their customers an exhilarating virtual shopping experience.  They can view a piece of furniture such as a table, a couch, or a bed in 3D and put it in the space they want to, check the size and functionality, all from the comfort of their homes.

AR technology can end the problem of the wrong size faced by customers while buying bulky furniture online.

You may think it is difficult to use apps incorporating augmented reality (AR). The reality is quite different. Consumers are using it to make buying decisions and love the experience. Likely, more than 60 percent of consumers prefer buying furniture from stores that use augmented reality. They are willing to pay more after viewing the product through AR.

Top 5 Furniture Augmented Reality Apps

Here is a list of the top five augmented reality apps that have emerged as the favorites of consumers and furniture retailers.

1. Houzz

Houzz is the right choice for those looking for home merchandise. This AR app is highly recommended for the projection of layouts for interior designs and focuses on home improvements. The eCommerce functionality is user-friendly and designed to allow consumers to browse and order products from the app.

A key feature of the app, ‘View in My Room,’ is a hit among users as it allows them to place the products they want to purchase into an image of their home using 3D technology. Users can view the products as they will appear in their room in different settings and lighting conditions. Consumers can buy any product with the app from the comfort of their homes.

Houzz has a 4.7-star rating on Android and a 4.6-star rating on iOS.

2. IKEA Place

IKEA is one of the iconic furniture stores offering interior design solutions. The store has also developed an augmented reality app that focuses on home decor. The store is popular for its wide range of furniture. You can buy anything from high-end premium sofas to small towel holders.  IKEA Place, an AR-integrated app, allows consumers to shop online conveniently.

IKEA is a Swedish furniture retailer that allows consumers to browse all their products and pick anyone they like virtually to place and check for size and functionality in their homes. The app considers the whole floor plan of your home to provide the best-fit experience. The app stands apart for its drag-and-drop function and choice of colors.

IKEA Place has a 4.7-star rating on iOS and a 3.7-star rating on Android.

3. DecorMatters

DecorMatters is another leading Design and decor store offering a variety of furniture and home decor items. The DecorMatters app makes visualization of interior design easy. Using the app, you can place furniture from many leading stores. You can also choose different patterns, colors, and fabrics. The AR ruler feature provides a better view of how furniture pieces will fit in a given space. The app also allows you to measure rooms and check furniture dimensions with real ones.

DecorMatters is designed for iPad and has got a 4.7-star rating.

4. Augment

Augment is another popular AR app and is highly rated in the home goods niche. However, retailers can enjoy the app and its functions better as it can be used to create augmented images of any product. Once the assets are ready, they can then be used to create a smooth AR experience on your website or mobile app.

Augment has a 4.7 rating on iOS and a 4.1 rating on Android.

5. VR Maker – Virtual Tour Creator

The VR Maker app works in AR and VR modes and is easily among the best in the VR-powered furniture app niche. The app can capture the results and share them with friends or family. This app is an excellent tool for using AR and is a perfect choice for installing virtual decorations in any setting.


This list has the best top augmented reality furniture apps handpicked by experts. Likewise, these apps allow consumers to view products and enjoy augmented reality experiences in different ways. Furniture stores are leveraging this technology in a big way to deliver unmatched experiences to their customers.