Tome restructures, targets profit-oriented clients

Profit-Oriented Tome

AI startup, Tome, renowned for its AI presentation tool, is undergoing significant reorganization to mainly cater to profit-oriented clients, particularly sales groups. The restructure aims to offer more targeted AI solutions, streamlining sales processes and boosting revenue.

As a result, roughly 20% of the workforce could be impacted. This includes individuals from market and product development teams. Transition support will be provided during this period as these changes are deemed necessary for strategic alignment.

Tome’s reformation is notably strategic, with surplus positions making way for a dedicated sales team and additional developers for B2B software products.

Tome’s strategic shift towards profit-focused clientele

Keith Peiris, Tome’s CEO, affirm that this shift aims to adapt the company to an evolving marketplace.

Peiris further outlined the company’s aim to identify thousands of sales and marketing leaders using their product, intending to provide a complete package for their entire organizations. This requirement calls for the acquisition of skills distinct from those possessed by the original team.

Initially, Tome catered to the professional and consumer sectors, with many of its 20 million users utilizing their free services. They now plan to shift focus towards providing premium features to sales groups willing to pay, thereby increasing revenues and user experience.

The company already started testing its new product plan with selected users, including Stytch. Early supporter and LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman, showed confidence in Tome’s reformation, stating the importance of constant evolution for business relevance and success. In line with this, Tome’s future testing processes will welcome feedback from an expanded range of users.