Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite receives 2024 upgrade

"Galaxy Upgrade"

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is getting a 2024 update, launching four years after its first release. Maintaining the physical characteristics of the 2020 version, this highly anticipated device will offer various upgrades and enhancements, designed to boost user experience and the device’s performance.

Although the new version is visually identical to the 2020 Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, it’s packed with enhanced features and functions. Notably, it will operate on the latest Android OS and offer biometric authentication enhancing device security. Additionally, it boasts a more potent quad-core processor for superior multi-tasking, a 4GB RAM, and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also remains compatible with the S Pen and features an expansive battery life, increasing productivity and convenience for users.

Key differences in the 2024 model include a new quad-core chipset, likely related to the rumored Exynos 1280, and a step up with a 90Hz refresh rate from the earlier 60Hz rate.

Upcoming enhancements for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Enhanced camera specs and an upped RAM of 6GB also mark vital upgrades. The tablet will also reportedly operate on Android 15, two versions up from the 2022 device running Android 13.

Adding to the color range, a “Mint” color variation joins “Oxford Gray” and “Chiffon Pink.” The 2024 model will be available in LTE and Wi-Fi-only versions. However, the 4GB RAM feature might court controversy, considering the likely price overlap with the 2022 model.

Details about cost and availability of the tablet are yet to be announced by Samsung. Traditionally, details of the device’s pricing and availability will be disclosed later, with March 28 indicated as the intended sales date. It’s still uncertain if the updated tablet will see its launch in the US, while its release in Korea seems confirmed.