Salt City Foods acquires authentic Helmuth Bakery

"Salt City Bakery"

Salt City Foods, led by Eric Beachy, acquired Helmuth Bakery in Hutchinson, Kansas. The team pledged to preserve the authenticity of the bakery while incorporating modern elements. Even under new management, the bakery will continue to serve its beloved recipes.

The blend of tradition and innovation aims to attract a broader audience, all while respecting the bakery’s longstanding legacy. Salt City Foods committed to offering fresh, locally-produced items to the Hutchinson community.

The acquisition was backed by StartUp Hutch through the Entrepreneurship Business Basics (EBB) JUMP program; a platform known for fostering local entrepreneurial growth by providing vital resources and guidance.

This 12-week intensive program equips potential business owners with essential skills.

Salt City Foods preserves Helmuth Bakery’s authenticity

It covers core managerial skills and key business knowledge. The EBB JUMP program played a significant role in the success of several local start-ups, building its reputation as an invaluable contributor to the entrepreneurial landscape.

Jackson Swearer, the leader of StartUp Hutch, expressed excitement about aiding entrepreneurs like Beachy to achieve their business goals. Swearer recognized innovation and creativity’s crucial role and commended StartUp Hutch’s strategic contribution towards achieving this objective.

Beachy, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition and a minor in Business Administration, brings considerable expertise in food manufacturing and distribution. His ability to merge theoretical knowledge with practical application enhances his performance and ability to deliver innovative solutions in the food industry.

Additionally, Beachy secured a loan of $210,850.00 with the help of StartUp Hutch from the First National Bank of Hutchinson. He also received an E-community loan approved by Network Kansas, further strengthening the financial framework for the bakery’s new journey.