Larry David disputes net worth claims on CNN

"David Disputes"

On a recent episode of CNN’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace”, a heated exchange occurred between host Chris Wallace and Larry David, creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. This came about when Wallace brought up details regarding David’s net worth, sparking discomfort and a defensive reaction from David.

The debate ignited when Wallace quoted an online source, claiming that David’s net worth totaled to half a billion dollars, a statement immediately dismissed by David as “ridiculous.” He further refuted the estimate labeling it “absurd”, leading to a ripple of murmur and disbelief amongst the audience.

Breaking his usual professional demeanor, David bluntly responded to Wallace’s probing questions about his wealth, demanding privacy and telling the reputable host to “shut up.” He then swiftly shifted the direction of the conversation away from his personal finances, emphasizing on the important virtues of hard work and diligence.

Caught off-guard by David’s assertiveness, Wallace admitted his surprise. He shared, with a forced chuckle, that he had never been told to “shut up” by a guest in his extensive career as a TV interviewer. Wallace recognized that David’s confident assertion of privacy had shaken him, unveiling a vulnerability he was unaware of previously.

Larry David continuously expressed his unease about what he considered as overly personal questions.

Disputing Larry David’s alleged net worth

Recalling renowned journalist, Barbara Walters, he insinuated that even her, known for her candid interviews, would find such invasive inquiries uncomfortable.

A Forbes article from 2015 predicted that before his 2007 divorce from Laurie Lennard, David’s net worth might have been in the hundreds of millions – even potentially over $900 million. Post-divorce, his net worth is believed to have dropped significantly. Even so, estimates state that it could still be over $450 million today. These quoted figures should be approached with some skepticism, regular fluctuations in income streams and investment portfolios often make accurate estimations difficult.