iOS 18 updates outshine AirPods enhancements

"iOS Update Outshine"

The recent iOS 18 updates for iPhone have amassed more attention than the AirPods updates. Notable improvements include a new look for the Weather app, privacy protection technology, a redesigned Safari and a revamped notification experience.

Firmware updates for AirPods have seen an enhancement to sound quality and connectivity. However, user response to these updates has been eclipsed by the enthusiasm for the iOS updates.

After major updates for AirPods Pro 2 in the iOS 17 last year, the latest iOS 18 introduces significant enhancements for the AirPods Pro 3. These include Ambient Sound Control, Voice Focus, music share and battery life optimization.

Mark Gurman, a tech expert, has noted potential updates for AirPods in the upcoming iOS 18. These features have the potential to include a hearing test and hearing aid function.

iOS 18 outranks AirPods in attention

These may not roll out until later this year.

The hearing test feature aims to evaluate a user’s hearing abilities. Like the Apple Watch ECG app’s cardiovascular health monitoring, this feature is designed to detect potential hearing issues with various frequencies and volumes.

Interestingly, users can share these test results with their physicians. This feature promotes proactive health management, allowing for early detection and treatment of any hearing issues.

There are high expectations for the hearing aid feature, likely to be launched later this year. This development can enhance the user experiences and show a significant step toward inclusive technology.

Apple’s advertising strategies for these new features are a matter of speculation. Plans may include targeting hearing-impaired users specifically, or marketing to a broader user base to highlight their commitment to accessibility.