Google’s 2024 Pixel XL rumors hint at major upgrades

"Upgraded Pixel 2024"

The buzz around the tech world is ripe with speculation about the upcoming release of Google’s Pixel XL model for 2024, potentially dubbed the Pixel 9 XL, as per leaks from OnLeaks, a reliable source of tech spoilers.

The newly leaked renders allude to a significant refresh for Google’s Pixel series, with rumors hinting at a larger, curved display, minimalist bezels, and a reworked camera module. An under-display selfie camera and advanced sensor for superior photography may be included as well.

It’s suggested that performance is getting a bump, with a possibility of an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon processor providing impressive speed, coupled with innovative battery technology for extended usage. Also, reports predict that the Pixel 9 XL will operate on the latest Android system, offering users current security and feature updates.

But remember, all this information is based on leaks and rumours only. The real deal will be unveiled only when Google officially announces the product.

According to leaks, the Pixel 9 seems to have a smaller 6.03-inch display and may be more compact compared to previous models. Interestingly, the new design could also enhance battery life, considering that the display is a major power consumer on smartphones.

Render leaks highlight a key design revamp from past models, showcasing a rectangular camera module that negates a broad camera array.

Anticipated enhancements in Google’s 2024 Pixel XL

Few other features likely to be included are physical buttons on the device’s right-hand side, a middle-front punch-hole camera, speakers at the bottom next to a USB-C charging port. A key change includes the omission of a physical fingerprint sensor.

While there‚Äôs a lot of chatter on the size and technical details of the Pixel 9 XL’s battery, concrete information will only be available when Google announces the device officially.

OnLeaks suggests that the leaked images of Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro could be the Pixel 9 XL with a potentially bigger 6.1-inch flat display. This suggests a shift in strategy by Google towards a more compact phone design for its future Pixel phones. Even so, these claims are based only on rumours, and the actual information lies within Google’s official announcement.

Both the anticipated Pixel 9 Pro and the rumored Pixel 9 XL are expected to showcase a triple camera setup based on renders. Without an official word from Google, these are essentially guesses.

The latest reports also suggest the introduction of an “Adaptive Touch” function in the Pixel 9 lineup. This feature, as touted by tech enthusiast Nickolas, is designed to auto-adjust touchscreen sensitivity depending on environmental conditions, such as rain.