Ex-officer heads startup for innovative cybersecurity solutions

Officer Startup Cybersecurity

Meet Sanaz Yashar, an ex-officer of Israel’s premier cyber surveillance division, Unit 8200. Transitioning from a career in biology to a leader in cybersecurity, she now heads Zafran, a forward-thinking cybersecurity startup.

What makes Zafran unique? It’s Yashar’s unconventional approach of applying biological principles to cybersecurity structures, yielding improved stability and security for clients’ digital operations.

Yashar’s experiences in Unit 8200, dealing with high-level cyber threats, coupled with her cultural and linguistic competencies from growing up in Tehran, Iran, contribute to her inventive defensive strategies now employed by Zafran.

But Yashar’s vision is more than streamlining cybersecurity. She envisions a future where businesses can boldly navigate the digital world, armed with top-notch tools capable of predicting and thwarting cyber threats. It’s that spirit she wants Zafran to embody.

Their strategy?

Innovative cybersecurity: From biology to technology

A proactive, self-repairing platform that’s constantly on the lookout for potential cyber threats. Unusual activities are flagged, and needed action taken. Their commitment to vigilance ensures their clients are always protected.

Additionally, Zafran leverages the technology already in use by businesses, offering insights on how to improve their cybersecurity without having to reinvest.

Zafran was born out of a crisis, a ransomware attack that exposed a healthcare institution’s technological vulnerability. While investigating the attack, Yashar and her co-founders discovered that the hospital already had the needed tech to prevent such a crisis. This led them to establish Zafran.

Despite securing $30 million in funding and already serving a dozen customers ahead of its launch, Zafran isn’t just eyeing to become the next tech unicorn. The focus is on perfecting a repeatable sales model to ensure swift and quality service delivery, according to one board member.