Brooklyn tattooist discovers unique, queer-friendly hookup app

"Queer-Friendly Tattooist"

Brooklyn-based tattooist, Eric Green, stumbled upon an unconventional queer cruising app called Sniffies. Reminiscent of Google Maps, Sniffies provides users with possible casual hookup spots instead of traditional landmarks. Unlike most dating platforms, the app’s focus on safety, privacy, and ease of use drew Green’s attention.

Green found Sniffies to be more accessible than other popular queer apps such as Grindr and Jack’d, thanks to its unique map-based feature. The app, catered toward gay, bi, and straight-curious men, is designed to facilitate spontaneous encounters. Users appreciate the straightforward interface, easy-to-navigate map, and the app’s commitment to inclusivity and casual meetups.

Uniquely, Sniffies ditches the long text conversations of typical dating apps. It allows users to anonymously navigate a map illustrated with other men pursuing similar encounters.

Unearthing Sniffies: Brooklyn tattooist’s unique app find

Sniffies has caught the fascination of many by revitalizing the cruising culture in the digital age. Its effort to mimic the dynamics of traditional cruising spots has attracted a diverse user base.

Elaborating on the app’s goals, Eli Martin, Sniffies’ Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director, expressed the need to erase the negative reputation associated with cruising. Rather, he argues, cruising can be a positive social experience and Sniffies aims to strengthen this perception by maintaining this tradition through its digital platform. The app not only serves as a tool for dating but also to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity and personal expression.

Founded by former architect Blake Gallagher, Sniffies launched in 2018 to foster human interactions in public using geolocation technology and user-generated tags. Its popularity has skyrocketed since inception, proving to be a game-changer in the modern dating scene. The app’s popularity is evident across various major US cities and abroad, with a burgeoning user base in Auckland, Manila, and Mexico City seeing significant growth in a single year.

Green, now a regular user of the app, along with social media influencer Emma Johnson, testament to Sniffies’ growing reach and influence. The app continues to flourish, shifting perceptions, and fostering connections outside traditional dating norms.