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A New Nimbleness

In the late 1990s, Electronic Data Systems customers had been complaining about service, and the company’s net profit margin slid from 8.5% in 1993 to a sickly 2.3% in 1999.

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Clothing retailer J. Crew went to EDS for its data center, but not for other services. “I certainly wouldn’t go to EDS for a point-of-sale or cash-management system,” says Paul Fusco, J. Crew’s chief information officer.

Some CIOs say other outsourcing companies such as Accenture are stronger at application development and support than EDS. One EDS client, Blue Shield of California, suggests that the outsourcing vendor wasn’t the best bet for purchasing and installing desktop systems.

Instead, Blue Shield of California decided to negotiate a deal with Dell Computer on its own. “Now EDS is responsible for installation once the Dell equipment arrives.” says Dave Bowen, CIO of Blue Shield of California. He continues to work with EDS to reduce the number of LAN servers in its network.

EDS’ biggest challenge: Unlike IBM, it doesn’t have its own products to sell to customers. As a services-only outfit, the company has lost some major deals—including a recent $7 billion-plus contract with Fiat—to IBM, which is known to offer discounts on its hardware products. Like other outsourcers, EDS is striking up strategic alliances with Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Microsoft and other hardware, software and networking vendors so that it, too, may cut broader and more financially competitive deals.

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EDS Information Solutions Employs: 77,000
EDS, as a Whole, Employs: 126,000

Douglas Frederick
President, EDS information solutions
Frederick joined EDS as EVP of U.S. operations in July 1999. He worked at Baan for two years, and held a number of posts at Boeing over 18 years. He has a B.S. from Washington State University and an M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stuart Doyle
VP, Delphi account

John Brunet
VP, global operations

Joe Sindelar
VP, marketing and portfolio management

Al Edmonds
VP, U.S. government account


Web and application hosting, data storage, midrange and mainframe management, application development and management; management of hardware and applications for employees (Managed WorkSpace); management of corporate servers and networks (Managed WorkPlace); desktop support for small- to medium-sized clients (Managed Utility); network infrastructure for voice, data and video (Intelligent Network Foundation Solution); and other network services


IBM, Computer Sciences Corp., Perot Systems, Affiliated Computer Services, Compaq Global Services, Daimler-Benz, Sabre Group, Fujitsi, Siemens, Singapore Computer Systems

Reference Checks

Joseph Cipriano
Program executive for information technology
(703) 602-2975
Project: Outsourcing of technology infrastructure including WANs, integrated voice-video data and office automation systems

Paul Fusco
(212) 209-8500
Project: Full outsourcing of technology infrastructure, data centers

Thomas A. Ped
(253) 924-2345
Project: Seven-year contract to outsource infrastructure including network, desktop and server management, mainframe and help desk services

Dave Bowen
(415) 229-5985
Project: Outsourcing of mainframes,
servers, LANs and desktop support

Don Riley
(314) 576-3100
Project: Full IT outsourcing, including application support and development, mid-range infrastructure and desktop support

Darryl Zavitz
Business IS director for global styrenics and engineered products
(411) 728-2307
Project: Ten-year contract for primary infrastructure outsourcing

Janet Wejman
(713) 324-5000
Project: EDS customer since 1991, outsources infrastructure services, such as data center

Steve Brazile
CIO/VP of business systems
(314) 259-7000
Project: Outsourc-ing of IT infrastructure since October 1996. EDS currently maintains about 60 IT staffers on siteat the Sara Lee subsidiary