Tech Autonomy Enhances Business Performance

Tech Autonomy Enhances Business Performance

Tech Autonomy Enhances Business Performance

Technology Drives Growth  More than eight in 10 executives surveyed believe greater autonomy is critical if their business is to grow and become more efficient.

Since computers first emerged in the workplace, IT departments have been known as gatekeepers … and, in less positive terms, the "Department of No." But a number of factors—including cloud computing, BYOD and the consumerization of IT—are radically redefining and reshaping the technology landscape. According to a new report, "Freedom to Choose: What Technology Autonomy Means for Business," most CIOs and other senior IT leaders now believe that providing greater freedom to business units to select and acquire the devices and applications of their choice will improve business performance. Blue Coat Systems surveyed more than 1,900 business and IT leaders worldwide and examined a number of key issues, including attitudes about technology, how policies shape adoption, and what factors drive success and bottom-line results. "Technology choice can drive a real and measurable impact on the business," says Sasi Murthy, senior director of product marketing at Blue Coat Systems. "It is fundamental to driving better business outcomes—whether it's faster revenue or profit growth, increased productivity or better customer service."

Samuel Greengard is a freelance writer for Baseline.
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