Baseline Issue May 2009


Orchestrating Enterprise Mobility
As more organizations implement enterprise mobility technologies, it is often the business team, rather than IT, that is creating strategy, explaining the business case and driving adoption. This is problematic because it isolates mobility from other enterprise technologies and does not take advantage of IT?s vast experience in supporting mission-critical business projects with technology solutions. So it?s time for business and IT leaders to work together on enterprise mobility initiatives.


All For One?Platform
Why should you migrate your phones, voice mail, e-mail, Web-based interactions, instant messaging and conferencing to a single platform? To take advantage of the significant benefits many organizations are already enjoying: enhanced collaboration, improved productivity and convenience, decreased operating costs and reduced travel.


Empowering Employees With Technology
By enabling its call center agents to access their virtual desktops over the Web, Ascend One was able to implement teleworking strategies that broadened the company?s business base and work force pool, while also easing the costs and strains of commuting for its employees. Out of approximately 400 customer service representatives, roughly 300 are now working remotely. As a result, call center productivity has increased by 10 percent.

Bank Protects More Than Money
To protect its network and employees from malware and offensive content?and to enforce its e-mail and Web security policies?City National Bank & Trust of Oklahoma implemented an e-mail and Web security solution that filters content at the gateway and provides the ability to change granular security policies on the fly.


What?s In It For IT?
What does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mean for the information technology industry?

The Hunt for Opportunities
Enterprises can help employees hunt for opportunities by aligning workers with roles that match their thinking and strengths.

Survey Reveals Fear Over Budgets, Jobs
Of managers responding to a recent survey, 62 percent said their IT budgets will remain stagnant or be reduced further, and 42 percent expressed concern about their own job security.


Governance And Investment Management
Effective technology decision making requires a disciplined governance and investment management framework.


Powering Up
Outsourcing, security technologies and video conferencing are three essential solutions that energy and utility companies use to meet the complex customer, operational and service demands of their industry.


USEC Puts Energy Into Virtualization
As part of its efforts to build a more efficient IT department, this nuclear fuel company turned to server virtualization to optimize systems and lower costs. USEC also adopted thin-client systems and embraced software as a service.


Managing Your Hypervisors
Virtual machine technology is proliferating across enterprise data centers. However, as IT professionals dive deeper into VM technology, they need to understand all the issues involved, particularly when they run their VMs on bare-metal hypervisors.


Stories about controlling your technology appetite, leisure browsing in the workplace and the power behind Google.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
How Good Are Your Decisions?
Are your judgments based on trusted data?or gut instincts?

Tech Track by Michael Vizard
How to Build Private Clouds
How to recast internal IT operations into more of a service model.