Emerging Technology – The Future is Here

emerging technology

The last ten years have seen remarkable technological advancements. Without a doubt, technology has infiltrated every part of a person’s life as well as a business. Emerging technology has the potential to revolutionize everything. We can see the changes now, starting with things like artificial intelligence, 5G to cloud computing, the IoT, analytics, and big data. All of these things are transforming the world’s future.

We are already seeing the rapid deployment of self-driving vehicles and other robotic devices. Therefore, forward-thinking businesses are seizing every opportunity to bring world-changing innovation to fruition.

Cooler Screens

This latest innovation that got on my radar is from a company called Cooler Screens. Developed by Argo Tea founder Arsen Avakian, the company sets out to fill the latest gap in the retail marketing space—in-person, point-of-sale digital marketing. Cooler Screens transforms traditional surfaces like cooler doors into high-resolution digital smart screens. Whereas the previous traditional space might have donned a window decal showcasing a promotion, this company has innovated a first-of-its-kind shopping experience to close the in-store consumer experience gap.

Cooler Screens aims to delight customers with relevant and up-to-date information and promotions at the moment of truth when they make their shopping decisions. Once movement is detected six feet away, IoT-enabled smart screens switch to displaying the planogram of the products behind the doors, highlighting the items in stock and what makes them great choices based on the shopper’s budget, and dietary and taste preferences.

This effort to update the retail experience opens doors to new opportunities for omnichannel marketers.

Cooler Media combines the art of dynamic visual design and the power of AI technology, giving retailers and brands the ability to define smart, in-context promotions, design digital planograms, deliver flawless product displays, and real-time pricing at the point-of-sale. Banner ads, spot ads, and door ads draw shopper attention and build brand visibility, while native product ads, nutrition labels, and product filters—like sparkles or shaking can—allow brands to uniquely represent their products and highlight relevant features.

Here are some of the top emerging technology trends that will change the way we live in the future.

Autonomous Things – AI and Robotic Technology

Autonomous things, often known as the Internet of Autonomous Things, is a revolutionary technological advancement. AuT has become an exciting term in technological breakthroughs. It is driven by disruptive technologies such as big data, AI, and the cloud. In addition, this emerging technology will continue to advance.

Autonomous things have the ability to provide cutting-edge performances. Furthermore, they function more naturally with their surroundings and with individuals since they use AI. Therefore, they act on difficult jobs that were previously undertaken by humans. Autonomous items include robotics, self-driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and drones.

Nanomedicine – Emerging Technology for Health Care

Nanomedicine, a branch of nanotechnology, is already proving to be a successful approach to the treatment of serious disorders. Medications in the human body are absorbed quickly and then excreted as waste. Nanomedicine, on the other hand, can extend the time a drug is active in the body.

Nanomedicine has benefited greatly from recent advances in proteomics, genetics, material science, molecular and cellular biology, and bioengineering. In addition, medical researchers are currently developing nanotechnology-based medical devices and equipment to improve safety, efficiency, and personalization.

Tourism in Space

Space tourism is now a definite possibility. Rapidly emerging technological advancements are bringing this about. Therefore, today, several businesses are bringing it to the public. Some of these businesses include SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. These companies are racing to create sub-orbital tourist vehicles.

Human space exploration is still in its early stages.  However, the chances it offers the globe now will decide its maturity for future generations. Some firms, on the other hand, are rethinking space elevators.

Gesture-Based Computing – The Frontier of Emerging Technology

Gesture-based computing is in contrast to standard input devices. These include a standard mouse, keyboard, voice technology, or game controller. Gesture-based refers to interfaces in which the human body interacts with digital resources without the use of these input devices. Over the years, there has been a lot of hype about the advancement of gesture-based computing.

This new interface is much more than tilting and shaking a device. Instead, it aims to replace the mouse and keyboard as a way of interacting with a computer or tablet. Education technology is one of its most lucrative applications. Gesture-based technology is becoming more common in modern marketplaces. This, therefore, allows for more effective marketing engagements between businesses and consumers.

Nanobots – Medical and Other Technology

Nanobots are tiny robots that do a single task. In addition, they are only 50–100 nanometers wide. These bots have progressed from a science fiction word to the development of the next generation of nanodevices.

They are going to revolutionize medical diagnosis and drug delivery technologies. In addition, nanobots will have a significant impact on medicine. Consider the implications of things like a nanodoctor within the body.

Cancer, one of the world’s top causes of death, can be effectively treated using these robots. This is because they can roam throughout the body independently and locate cancer cells. Additionally, there is a wide range of technological breakthroughs on the horizon that will change the planet.

Driverless cars, 3D printed food, quantum computing, robotic retail, and virtual workspaces are just a few of these emerging technology advances.  Each of these will be influenced by augmented reality and virtual reality devices.  In addition, VR and AR devices will fuel the renewable energy revolution.

There are many more new and emerging technological advancements that are being developed even now.  The challenge for businesses is to find ways to implement these advances in ways that will be beneficial for everyone.  The world is changing rapidly, both technologically, politically, and in a host of other ways.  Emerging technology is here to help. Let’s hope that the changes are moving in a positive direction and that each of us will see a brighter and better future.