Security Investments Remain Strong

Trend 8: Security Investments Remain Strong

?New technologies and new implementations of existingtechnologies, such as mobile devices, exploded,? says Seth Shestack, associatedirector of information security at Temple University, in Philadelphia. ?Bringyour own device [BYOD] has exploded. People want to be connected everywhere.?

Plus, he adds, ?There?s a whole other area of content thatour constituents desire to consume, especially with mobile devices. They wantto be able to see their roster, their grades, their tuition balance.?

The result? New risks from data and content beingtransmitted almost everywhere. This is fueling a continuing high investmentlevel in security and the related area of business continuity. In fact, a highproportion of organizations we surveyed expect significant deployments in 2012.(See chart 8 below.)

As we noted in last year?s report, security spending laggedsomewhat during the ?Great Recession,? but its return is now being bolstered bytrends such as the growing use of mobile technology.

Shestack breaks this down into three areas: ?I have toprotect that data in transit; I have to manage access control to the data; andonce that data is on the device, what happens to it if the device is lost??

To address the new threat vectors inherent in mobile demand,Temple uses endpoint protection, access control and continuity solutions fromSymantec. But even with this strongly renewed focus, there is still much to do.?Anything I have considered truly sensitive we have not authorized on thesedevices?yet,? Shestack reports.


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