The Top 6 Coding Careers

top coding careers

It is a well-known fact that people with excellent coding skills have an easy time dealing with the competition in the challenging job marketplace. So, if you have above-average coding skills, you can explore several career opportunities in coding. 

The ever-expanding digital era canvas has helped create numerous job opportunities for quality coders. This field also promises a high salary, fantastic growth opportunities, and the ability to hone skills continuously. 

Here are the top six coding careers you can explore in the modern job marketplace.

1. Video Game Developer

Video game technology is constantly evolving, with new and exciting games being introduced in the market almost on a daily basis. Indeed, they attract people across all age groups. They also interact with each other in interactive games, which are becoming a rage across the world. 

The sharp brains of video developers are certainly behind these highly engaging and exciting games.

Millions of lines of code go into creating every aspect of these games.  Every game begins with a concept. The video game developer is tasked with developing the game’s content and environment. Their creative minds help develop the fantastic characters, the exciting scenarios, and the twists and turns associated with these video games. It’s a challenge but a welcome one for video game developers. 

The salary or earnings of a game developer depends on various factors. Indeed, the remuneration depends on the company they are working for, the platform, and the position. So, a video game developer’s salary starts from around $50,000 at entry-level and goes up to $100,000 for experienced professionals.

2. User Experience (UX) Designer

User experience (UX) designing is a job focused on improving the experience of human users with various products and services. UX is a crucial factor in enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The UX designer must let loose their most creative side to provide highly satisfying experiences to the end users.

A UX designer has to perform multiple roles. First, they have to research extensively, act as an information builder, and also become a content strategist. They also must create products that excite people and make the online experience highly enjoyable and satisfactory. Additionally, designers are focused on meeting and exceeding the consumer’s needs.

A UX designer’s work ranges from designing mobile applications to websites to designing and managing AR and VR devices. 

The salary of a UX designer is among the best in the coding industry. It can start from $75,000 to $110,000. Experienced designers can earn substantially more.

3. Information Assurance Analyst

Another top coding career in the IT industry is an information assurance analyst. Their job descriptions state that they are responsible for security and risk assessment. Information Assurance Analysts are tasked with identifying the risks associated with hardware and software systems. They must ensure the safety and security of the customers and the organization.

Information Assurance Analysts are security experts with an above-average knowledge of hacking. They have a good idea about the working of white and black hacking. Their role is mainly defined by the current risks affecting the IT industry. They must make sure all the critical systems are updated. Additionally, they must also have a clear view about updating the new designs.

Also, analysts must consistently monitor hardware and software for unusual activity. Based on the reports, they need to create systems to prevent cyber-attacks, analyze potential security concerns, and create the appropriate updates. 

Likewise, the average salary of an information assurance analyst is $62,042 and can reach $81,944 with some level of experience.

4. Mobile Application Developer

The employment landscape for mobile app developers is vast and nearly unending. Millions of mobile apps have been created to date. They cover almost every field and subject and are available for people to use on their phones. Mobile app developers are the brains behind these apps.

Mobile app developers specialize in designing and writing computer programs for smartphones and other devices. They create code lines based on consumer needs to develop the app’s structure. They also work on application upgrades that release to the public time after a time.

Mobile application developers use the Android and IOS operating systems. They write programs using C, C++, Java, and Python coding languages.

The average salary for a mobile application developer in the U.S. is $123,278.

5. Data Scientist

Data science is one of the most popular job profiles in the 21st century. They are in huge demand in IT and other industries. So, they work with huge volumes of data generated in an organization. By structuring and organizing data, they also help business owners make critical decisions. 

Data scientists have to create an appropriate format for data analysis. Indeed, they must choose the right tools to automate the collection process and analyze data to extract useful information. They use this refined data for finding actionable results.

Moreover, the average salary of a data scientist in the US is $100,560.

6. Machine Learning Engineer

If you are wondering about the why’s and how’s of Captchas, you need to understand ML or Machine Learning better.  Also, with the growing influence of artificial intelligence in various industries, the demand for ML engineers has skyrocketed.  They create programs that enable machines to take action accurately without human intervention.

A machine learning engineer provides systems with algorithms to draw information. So, they write codes that bring data into computers. They are experts at making predictions based on data. 

On average, a machine learning engineer in the U.S. earns $114,121. 

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Certainly, there are more careers available for coding within the IT industry. But, the demand for these jobs keeps changing as the IT landscape develops and expands. So, choosing a specialization may be difficult as most in-demand niches can change quickly and frequently. Choose a field based on your inherent skills and passion.