Emerging Technologies Reshape the Data Center

Emerging Technologies Reshape the Data Center

Emerging Technologies Reshape the Data Center

Complexity Grows
65% of respondents said the number of business-critical applications is increasing, and 51% cited growth of data as a cause of complexity.

As technology advances and computing becomes more decentralized, one would expect the enterprise data center to become less important, but that is definitely not the case. Today, trends such as cloud computing, virtualization, mobility and social media are reshaping the data center and forcing IT and business executives to reexamine policies, procedures and overall strategy. Factor in security, disaster recovery and high availability, and many organizations find that they are being pushed to the limits.

Symantec's “2012 State of the Data Center Survey” casts a light on what IT executives are thinking … and what they are actually doing. Symantec, in conjunction with ReRez Research, surveyed 2,453 IT professionals at organizations in 32 countries and found that 79% of respondents are facing greater complexity in the data center. "As the data center continues to transform, overarching IT trends such as virtualization, cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile devices make things more complex," notes Danny Milrad, director of product marketing for Symantec.

Samuel Greengard is a freelance writer for Baseline.
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