Upgrading from SAP R/3 to mySAP

PDF DownloadThis timeline and chart show the tasks and labor costs involved in upgrading a core enterprise application systemfrom a client/server architecture to a Web-based one. The example is based on a large manufacturing company that, like Osram Sylvania,is upgrading from SAP R/3 to mySAP. The project involves offering the new enterprise portal software to approximately 800 employees in 50 U.S. locations. The company has completed a pilot using the mySAP customer relationship management module. The next modules to beinstalled include those for supply chain management, e-procurement, product lifecycle management, business intelligence and financials.Project managers may regard these project tasks and labor costs as representative of initiatives of this size and scope, but should tailor thevariables and estimates to meet their own requirements.

If you’re considering moving to an enterprise portal, download our getting-started interactive tools: labor estimates (Excel) andproject tasks (MS Project).