The Kmart Roster

Charles C. Conaway
Chairman and CEO
Role: Conaway is the driving force behind Kmart’s initiatives to overhaul its supply chain, improve customer service, and market more effectively. He joined Kmart in May 2000 from CVS Corp., where he was president and chief operating officer.

Mark Schwartz
President and COO
Role: A Wal-Mart veteran, Schwartz joined Kmart September 2000 and was promoted to his current post in March 2001. Schwartz has taken the lead on initiatives such as shortening checkout lines and clearing out excess inventory.

Randy Allen
Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity Officer
Role: Allen was hired as Kmart’s CIO in September 2000 but moved to her current post in August 2001. A former partner at Deloitte Consulting, Allen was central to Kmart’s selection of i2 Technologies as a supply chain technology partner. She brought in Deloitte personnel to tailor it to Kmart’s needs.

Tony D’Onofrio
Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Officer
Role: D’Onofrio joined Kmart in October 2000 from Michaels Stores, where he was in charge of global supply chain, distribution, and logistics. He and his team halted the rollout of a custom warehouse management system and brought in a new product from Manhattan Associates.

Richard W. Blunck
Role: Blunck started in December 2000 as Chief Technol-ogy and eBusiness Officer. From the beginning he was charged with managing Kmart’s relationship with and directing technical strategy for the Web commerce operation. He was named BlueLight’s new CEO in November after Kmart bought out investors and outsourced hosting and fulfillment to Global Sports. Like Allen, he hails from Deloitte.


Gregory A. Brady
CEO, i2 Technologies
Role: Brady joined i2 as president in 1994. When he was promoted to CEO in May 2001, a big part of his mandate was to ensure customer satisfaction with i2 products. Brady reportedly had a hand in making the sale to Kmart in the first place. Before joining i2, he was VP of Worldwide Applications for Oracle Corp.

John West
Formerly CTO, i2 Technologies
Role: West consulted with the Kmart project team on potential changes to i2’s software, templates and best-practices guidelines that could improve the retailer’s chance of success. Recently, i2 announced West had “elected to reduce his current time commitment to the company” but would remain on in an advisory capacity.

Mark S. Hansen
Chairman and CEO, Fleming Companies
Role: Hansen is a former president and CEO of Sam’s Club, the warehouse division of Wal-Mart Stores. In February, Fleming and Kmart announced a $4.5 billion a year deal where Fleming will replenish groceries and other “consumables” stocked by Kmart stores. Success will rely on tight logistical coordination between the firms.

Jim Schuetz
Global Supply Chain Practice Leader, Chicago office, Deloitte Consulting
Role: Schuetz took overall responsibility for the relationship between the consulting firm and Kmart, including the i2 implementation.

Neil Thall
Executive Vice President, Manhattan Associates
Role: Helps Manhattan Associates address the needs of retail customers with their warehouse management and supply chain systems. Manhattan won Kmart as a customer earlier this year, displacing warehouse management vendor EXE Technologies.