Best Schools for Information Technology

best schools for Information technology jobs

IT, or Information Technology, is a rapidly growing field. More students are joining this stream than others across the globe. If you are passionate about IT or a relevant subject and want to acquire a bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, make sure you graduate from the best schools for information technology.

With so many schools and colleges offering a wide range of degrees in Information Technology, you will need help to narrow down the list to a select few. We will spare you the hassle by providing our well-researched list of the best schools for information technology.

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Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

CMU is unmatched in interdisciplinary research and is ranked among the best information technology schools. At CMU, the IT courses are more geared toward graduate students than they are undergraduates. The university is ranked high as one of the best in the computer science graduate schools list. Students can choose from the many IT graduate programs, some of which are offered online entirely. Some of the most popular courses offered at CMU are:

  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • MS in Information Security Policy and Management
  • MS in Information Technology Management (online)
  • MS in Information Security and Assurance (online)

Brigham Young University (BYU) – Provo, Utah

If you prefer gaining knowledge in a traditional environment, BYU is just the right place for you. BYU’s IT courses are acclaimed as top-notch by academic experts. So, the most in-demand IT-related majors are:

  • BS in Information Technology.
  • BS in Cybersecurity.

Also, IT students are required to complete a year-long capstone project. So, students must comply with the technical needs of the sponsors of the project. Likewise, some topics that can be chosen voluntarily are cyber-physical systems, database administration, digital forensics, and web technologies. BYU offers an MS in Technology and Cybersecurity besides the undergraduate IT programs.

University of Washington (UW), Seattle, Washington

UW is one of the leading research universities in the United States. Moreover, it is ranked among the top universities for Information Systems courses. Likewise, students enrolling with the UW university can get a BS in Information equivalent to IT. The course covers computer science, design, sociology, psychology, and information science.

The Informatics major offers multiple areas of concentration, such as data science, human-computer interaction, cybersecurity, and many others. The university offers six areas of informatics major in its curriculum.

The school requires courses on databases, data modeling, design methods, and research methods. They must also complete a capstone project. Students can also enroll in the university’s highly-ranked Information Systems master and doctoral programs.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) – Rochester, New York

RIT is a private NY-based institution and a pioneer in computer science and technological education. Likewise, the institution’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences offers multiple IT degrees. These include BS in

  • Computer Science
  • Computer and Information Technologies
  • Computing Security
  • Web and Mobile Computing

Most of these programs come with a cooperative education component. Here, students work full-time in technological corporate settings and earn an income for their efforts.

RIT also offers graduate degrees in IT, including an MS in Computing Security and a Ph.D. in Computing and Information Sciences. Most of the IT courses are available online through the university’s online learning platform. It ensures a degree of flexibility in the schedules for students.

DePaul University – Chicago, Illinois

DePaul is a private university reputed for its experiential learning process and incorporation into academic programs, including IT courses. The College of Computing and Digital Media encompasses the IT majors at DePaul. Moreover, it offers a string of opportunities to students to work alongside tech companies. They can apply their academic skills to real-world situations and gain more experience.

The IT-related undergraduate degrees offered here are BS in

  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Network Engineering and Security
  • User Experience Design

Likewise, IT and computer science courses are available online for the final two years of the course.

DePaul also offers various graduate degrees in IT. These include MS in

  • Business Information Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Systems

These courses include online formats as well.

What to Look for While Choosing an IT School

With the demand for IT courses at an all-time high now and the number of options also increasing, you must ensure you get into the right schools to get the best value for your time, money, and effort.  While choosing an IT school, ask yourself these four questions.

  • Does it offer the specific topic you want to pursue?
  • Is the location convenient for you?
  • Is the program affordable to you and within your budget?
  • Also, is the quality of the course at par with those offered by other reputed universities?

So, make sure you apply to several IT schools to provide you with broader opportunities.


A wide range of choices is now available to students intending to pursue a career in IT and related fields. So by choosing the right one, you can acquire the relevant skills and knowledge to ease the path to a successful career in this highly competitive field.