Display System Spurs Collaboration & Productivity

Climb Real Estate is a rapidly growing real estate agency that has five offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and plans to open another five within a year. A few years ago, the firm began planning how to remodel its headquarters, and considered its brand identify and display needs as part of the process.

Chris Lim, founder and president of Climb Real Estate, said the goal was to “create the office of the future.” He had a vision of a “modern day co-working space” that was “all open.” The collaborative environment would not be broken up by interfering walls and would be powered by technology.

As part of the design, the company placed an Epson Bright Link Pro interactive presentation system in the center of its open plan office. The display promotes an interactive environment that works for Climb’s employees and its customers, showing videos, slides, marketing material and even video games with full HD resolution. “It’s literally out in the open” Lim points outs, so everyone can see it and use it.

The quality of the system’s images, coupled with its interactive ability, enables presentations that are much more dynamic than standard digital displays offer. The system acts like a huge tablet computer, allowing agents to connect their computers, phones and tablets wirelessly. Its touch-sensitive projection surface and 100-inch diagonal whiteboard provides a generous area that’s ideal for collaborative meetings.

Climb uses the presentation system for training programs, sales meeting and team meetings, as well as for presentations to customers. “It has become an integral part of how my employees and agents work,” Lim says.

His team now has the ability to offer a more interactive and productive environment for real estate customers. That includes offering training seminars that provide insight into what customers should be aware of when buying a home. It also involves showing high-resolution pictures that highlight details of a property to prospective buyers.

Delivering on Integration and Mobility

What sets Climb apart in the real estate industry, according to Lim, is that it demands a high “level of integration and mobility.” The Bright Link Pro delivers that demand. He said that Epson came, installed the system in the office, and provided tutorial videos to get the staff started.

The firm’s agents took to the “integrative and collaborative” display system right away, he reports. “It’s so simple to use—really intuitive—that anyone can use it.”

At Climb, the average age of agents is 32, so employees are used to being connected through their smartphones. With this display system, agents can use their smartphones to “tap into what’s going on during office sales meetings,” Lim explains, So, even if an agent is not there in person, he or she can still be part of the meeting. He adds that the Bright Link Pro is “perfect for our working climate” and a “value add for our agents.”

Lim is so convinced about the system’s value that he is putting one in each existing office, and he plans to place one in new offices the firm opens. He also plans to deploy the latest version, the BrightLink Pro All-in-One Interactive Table, which enables project presentations, designs, drafts, illustrations and animations.

“It’s an integral part of our expansion plan,” Lim declares—and a clear reflection of the brand’s commitment to innovation.