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Calculate Your Company’s Smarts

Evaluate how smart your company is and compare the results to those of one or more competitors. Download this interactive worksheet, which will take you

Common IT Mistakes

Most organizations look to IT for streamlining work, automating processes, improving customer satisfaction and saving money for the company. But accomplishing these goals can be

Agility: Rx for Project Success

Samuel Johnson, the inventor of the English dictionary, once quipped, ?The prospect of hanging concentrates the mind wonderfully.? Today?s economic woes and competitive pressures can

Understand Your Business Model

I?ve often been asked what advice I give my clients in this tough economic climate, specifically with regard to technology. My advice always starts this

Leadership Practices That Drive Results

In today?s fast-moving global economy, change is inevitable, and the primary responsibility of leaders is to initiate and deal effectively with change. Leaders need to

Keeping Track in a Hyper-Paced World

When Bryan Bradley became senior vice president of technology services, one of his primary goals was to bring a formal software development methodology to imc²’s