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Election Day, 2004

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2004—3 a.m. PSTThe final Democratic Party pre-election poll is in. The eVote projection shows President Bush ahead of former Vermont Governor Howard

Roadblock: Experienced Campaign Managers

Obstacle:Television ads, promotional events, the Internet and Web sites are all staples of modern election campaigns—and of product marketing. But tightly scripted, gaffe-phobic campaign managers

Gotcha! Corporate Weblogs

The Dean presidential campaign has demonstrated how effective weblogs can be for communicating quickly and directly with an audience and for creating online communities of

Six Apart: Love at First Blog

In 2001, Mena Trott couldn’t find any software she liked to use for her online journal. She complained to her husband, Ben, that the available

Ascential Software: Fear Factor

You couldn’t blame customers of Vality Technology for worrying when the company was bought for $92 million by Ascential Software in 2002. Many had invested

Following Footwear, Step by Step

A pair of men’s 991 running shoes, grey, size 13D, has just left the Foot Locker athletic-shoe store in Towson, Md. And a replacement pair

SRC Software: On the Button

SRC may be helping companies such as New Balance Athletic Shoe gaze into the future. But most of SRC’s prospective customers are just trying to